King of Cups

The King of Cups is an older male who is a kind and caring man. He is generally loving and supportive and emotionally balanced giving him insight into those around him. If you have been negligent in loving and supporting yourself you may find the King of Cups in a reading as a reminder of the great strength you have within you to nurture yourself in spite of any difficulties that you are experiencing. The King of Cups can help you get in touch with your feelings along with lessons in how to control and master them.

This card is associated with water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and just like these signs emotions and feelings are important. It is as if he senses and learns from the world around him from his emotions first and foremost. If life is not secure and stable this can be a challenge yet it is incredibly strengthening when it comes to him recognising the same emotions in those around him and giving out advice to help them.

In relation to work this card represents a male boss who will bring out the best in you alongside giving you great guidance in your path towards success. He is there to back you up and tends to mull problems over rather than rushing in to fix them in a haphazard way.

On the flip side if he takes on to much from those around him or gets lost in his own emotions he may turn to alcohol to escape life and in doing so his positive qualities can be lost. In this case you will see the negative side of a man that you would do well to steer clear of as you don't want or need to be pulled down into murky waters.