Four of Cups

The Four of Cups shows up today to ask some questions of you. Have you withdrawn from this world, from your life? Are you feeling stuck or uncertain as to which way to go? Are you closing yourself off from the people who love you and you love?

This is a card of isolation and introspection. It can represent meditation or going within to find the answers, but it can also represent a withdrawal to escape. The question is, sweet soul, where are you right now?

The Four of Cups is here to ask for a reality check. You may have been feeling isolated and it has begun to take over your thoughts. If so, then it is time to get up and get moving. It does not matter what you do, just go do something. Connect with this world and the beauty it holds. Consciously engage with something outside yourself.

You were never meant to go this alone or do it all by yourself. Ask for help. There are people in your life who love you and you are surrounded by many angels. Find the fun in life and remember who you really are. There is so much more you want to do so start doing it. Make a list and get to it.

If you feel unsure of your direction, make a choice to move in the direction of love. Mindfully choose love and follow its path. This may mean that you need to step outside your comfort zone, but everything you truly are seeking is on the other side of your fear. Take the first step. It does not matter if you cannot see over the mountain; trust that you are on the path to your highest good.

Create affirmations and mantras to help rebuild your confidence and ignite your fire. Sometimes when we get stuck in the mud the best thing to do is simply roll around in it. Yes, life gets dirty, but when you hold an intention of fun and playfulness it can change everything in a blink of an eye. So roll around, get dirty, have fun then roll right on out of this hole.

If you are feeling peace and clarity, if you are sitting in isolation to contemplate what it is you want, the Four of Cups is awakening you to an opportunity that is knocking. You are calling in something new and it has arrived. Time to open your eyes and your heart and experience what life is offering you. Make your meditation a moving one and say "yes" to life. You are here for a reason and the reason is calling. Will you answer?

Another aspect of the Four of Cups may be regarding someone you are close to who has withdrawn or perhaps is suffering from an addiction. This card is asking you to send love, to create healthy boundaries, and to know that you do not have control over anyone but yourself. This is an opportunity for you to give love to yourself. To look to see if you have codependency issues at hand or if you are enabling another.

Sometimes the strongest love we can offer another is by letting them go, and knowing with all you are that you are connected in a way that nothing can come between. Allowing another the space to walk their own path is the ultimate testament to oneness. Trust in their soul and trust in your own. You you safe, and they are too. There is only love, trust in the love.

In all aspects the Four of Cups calls forth action to self-love, to deep authentic connection, and living this life to its fullest. Enjoy the time you have, remember there is wisdom in knowing the difference between the things you can change and the things you cannot. You can only change yourself and this is a time for change. Pick something good!

Today's Meditation:

You have spent enough time looking within. Don't sit still or set a timer or repeat anything to yourself.

Get out in the world and do at least one thing that is fun and makes you laugh with all you are! Enjoy the skin you are in!