Four of Cups

Is there something you have been thinking, that you've been unable to decide upon? You may have been made an offer and do not know what your answer will be, so you take some “time out" to think things through.

The Four of Cups implies an offer is being made yet not openly accepted for the time being. It may be that you are mulling it over, or that you are not ready to look at it as you have other things on your mind.

This can also be seen in relationships where you may find that your partner, or someone you are interested in, will not allow you to get close to them. They are diverting your attention elsewhere or they are simply stonewalling your attempts to speak with them. Even when you try everything you can think of to get them to budge, they do not move.

This card says that they are not going to shift from this position and you might as well get on and enjoy yourself until they come around and are back to normal. Life is too short to try to change someone's mind or end up “talking to a brick wall". It is often when you step back yourself that the other person then feels the need to step forward. Sometimes inaction produces action.

If there is something you have been mulling over yourself and feel as if you are not ready to act on it, then the Four of Cups is saying it's OK to sit for a while longer. Don't wait too long though as the opportunities may pass you by.