Four of Cups

"I feel it in my fingers feel it in my toes, the love that's all around me, and so the feeling grows... /It's written on the wind - it's everywhere I go, so if you really love me, come on and let it show..." - Wet Wet Wet

Element of water power: The Four of Cups represents the emotional richness which fulfills us and how we express ourselves in our living environment through natural beauty and deep soul comfort. The ability to accept this richness with humility and thankfulness reveals an inner fullness which can be shared with others.

Golden cups express the wealth of feelings at hand whose roots are deep in the subconscious. This luxury is a responsibility as well as a gift. It is important to look at what you have and not at what you are dreaming about. It is a focus on the present moment.

The Four of Cups may denote a sense of boredom, or that you have run out of feelings. The lesson is to focus on love energy surrounding you at all times, otherwise you may be feeling unhappy and discontent with yourself. Usually there is critical and judgmental focus on ourselves.You may not feel satisfied with how things are going, and this would require that you follow through with whatever can help or bring aid to your situation.

This card, despite what is revealed in terms of feeling despondent and worried about possible aspects that may not have turned up for you, requires a measured behavior and awareness plus the ability to enjoy and share or express and to pass on what you learn on to others.

Measured awareness also requires, especially in familiar or intimate relationships, an intention to express devotion that is not controlled. You are being given much love and devotion. Enjoy it without becoming dependent on it. See it around you. It demands that you pay attention to emotions that, if unchecked, can take on a life of their own.

Cups in this suit are containers for water as denoted by the water power element. Stay in touch with your emotions. Note that if you look with eyes filled with love, that you will start to see love materialize in your immediate environment, even at work and or business, to help prevent the overcritical thinking of the Self .

Ask yourself if you feel restricted in your relationship. Are you devoted to someone?

It is important to see that the Four of Cups signifies the tree behind the character, indicating support from nature. So when you feel that you are in a place where you seem to be lost, or you are bored, disengage and walk around. Take stock of what you have and not what you desire. Allow Mother Nature to give you a direction, even it means you disengage from your human nature. Look around you to see that love is always around you and that the universe has not failed you. You may have, just for a moment, lost focus on what it was you were looking for to begin with.

At times of Imbalance: In times when you face the Four of Cups you may also find that you have to work on how you respond to your immediate environment rather than to feel that you do no have the energy to see things through. In other words, you may have trouble with procrastination or focusing on what you need to implement. In relationships boredom can lead to affairs, so look for other indications of this further on down the line.

There will be instances when the Four of Cups represents a time when you’re suffering from a life crisis. You may spend your days staring at your news-feed or daydreaming about the things other people have, wishing your life was better.

Medicine: Disengage, step out and breath deeply in to your heart. Connect with your higher Self, the doorway to nature and the angle in which the universe will look into your soul and whisper that you may have to learn a little bit of gratitude.

Mantra: I am grateful for all the love around me for me, even if I am unable to feel it.