Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is a card of release, a sign that it is time let go and move on. Change is in the air and you can feel it.

Even though you may not think you are ready for change, this card is showing up to let you know you are. Release your grip, set free all that feels tight, all that feels forced, and let go of all your stress.

The winds of change are here to blow you free.

Take time to assess your situation from a deeper perspective. Look within and ask, "What do I truly want?" The answers you seek are all found within. You have come to a crossroads with your spiritual and physical self. What used to be of great importance to you no longer feels of value. The material world is diminishing and your soul is seeking inspiration and insight. Meditation and introspection are vital right now.

The past has imprisoned you for too long. You have held yourself responsible for many failures and the weight you carry is much too heavy a burden for you to sustain. It is time to lay down the chains that have held you back. Find freedom in forgiveness. The past does not define you, your past does not equate to the future, you do. What do you truly want?

The Eight of Cups brings movement and change. Your energy is stagnant and you must take the next right step. Try not to get to caught up in what the right thing actually is, trust in what your intuition tells you; it knows the way. As long as you are moving in a different direction, you will gain the momentum you need right now.

In life sometimes we all must hit a dead end or go down a seemingly wrong road in order to discover, trust, and know what is right and true for us. This is that moment for you.

What you have been giving attention to is no longer serving you and it is time to release attachment and walk away. Carry with you the lessons you received from this experience, find forgiveness for all involved, including yourself. Lead with your heart, let the love you are made of be your guide.

This card is liberating you from the past, from your blocks and from your attachments to the material world. You are transitioning into a higher vibration, a veil is lifting, and peace is beginning to wash over you. If these things are not yet happening, trust that they will. This change is for your highest good! Do not resist - move with the flow.

Today's Meditation:

Find a comfortable place, relax and soften. Bring all of your attention into your breath. Slow down your breath and deepen it. Pay attention to the way it sounds, to the way it feels. Follow it as it moves through your body.

When you feel relaxed, silently or out loud repeat to yourself, "I am the change."

Do this as long as you can, then release the mantra and be still for as long as you can. Listen and watch from within. Enjoy the way you feel.