Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is both a card about soul-searching and about moving on. “Moving on" is sometimes too hard of a phrase to tell ourselves with some situations, so I sometimes like to say “moving forward" instead.

Throughout our lives we always reach points where a situation or a person no longer serves us. But for some reason, we try to salvage what was by spending our last emotional cent on its preservation.

If you are in a situation that feels forced, where you are feeling like you are giving up your well-being in exchange for keeping things "status quo" because you are afraid to leave it, it is time to gather up the courage to move ahead.

Not knowing what is next, and also being afraid to let go, sometimes makes this step hard. However, the solace you will gain from not twisting yourself in knots trying to make something work, especially when the other party isn't putting in the effort, will bring with it rest for your soul.

There is usually an element of sadness in moving forward, but ultimately you are walking the path of the warrior who has the courage to move ahead into what they deserve. You are entering a situation that welcomes you, a situation that serves you, breathes life into you, brings you joy, and aligns with your best self.

So, if you find yourself in one of these situations where your intuition is telling you to move away from this space, but your ego is trying to hold you back, breathe, remember your love and respect for yourself and your strength, then go! You will make it, and your path forward will be lined with flowers.

Go where there is love. Go where there is a sense of feeling welcome. When you continue on in situations where someone or something isn't giving you back what you are giving out, it makes you question your worth, but really it's just a door closing so you can open another one that makes more sense to you.

Breathe. Walk forward. And, as my Aunt would say, “walk with your head up."