Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups flows into your life to offer you affirmation and abundance. As a card of intuition and inspiration, it shows up to remind you that the answers you seek are found inside yourself and inside love. Love is your truth, your answer, your natural state of Being.

Trust in the love and let it take you where you want to go. Today is about giving it all over to the flow, trusting in the way of your higher Self and knowing you are enough, you have enough, there is always enough.

You may have asked for a sign, unsure of what your next step should be. The Ace of Cups is your sign, love is your answer. You live in a world of abundance and you have all you need. Do not grasp, do not struggle. Move with the beat of your heart and open to love on every level of life.

You are safe and surrounded by love; there is no need to worry. Look to see what fear may be rising and look to see how to fill it with love. Ask yourself, "what would love do?" Then do it - no need to overthink. Listen to the guidance of your heart; it knows the way.

Your inner voice is calling to you. Turn it up, listen. Your intuition is like a muscle; you must use it to make it stronger. Step into silence. Allow your Divine connection to get loud, be clear about who you are. Know that love is your truth and it is really the only thing there is. Release the fear-based thinking and move with love. You are love, everyone and everything is love - try to act as if this is your absolute truth and see where it takes you.

Be mindful today of the idea of giving. Move with the the understanding that you will always have enough, that you are enough. Give love to yourself and to everyone you see. Give love to the earth, to the entirety of the universe. It is in the giving that we receive. Let your cup run over, and spread the love in every way you can. Feel the fulfillment it brings you, let the joy rise up and take over. You are radiating love from every pore. There is no stopping the power of love. Choose love!

This card is also reminding you that forgiveness is a key to expanding into love. Take time today and forgive anyone that has caused you pain, including yourself. Holding on to anger and resentment only blocks the flow of love. Let it go, step into flow, and know love will take you there.

Today's Meditation:

Find a sweet, quiet space. Get comfortable, relax into this moment. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Bring your attention into your breath and the vibration of your heart. Place your right hand in the middle of your chest. Soften everywhere into love.

Silently to yourself, or out loud, repeat the mantra: "There is only love."

Say this over and over until your timer goes off. Then gently release the mantra. Be still for as long as you can.

Imagine that you are radiating love's energy out of every cell in your body. Imagine it is growing stronger and stronger. Know that there is only love and that there is more than enough for us all. One love, connected to everyone and everything.