Ace of Cups

The start of receiving a blessing has come. New beginnings in love are here. Whether this love is a romantic mate, a newborn child, an animal friend, or awakened love within the self, love is in the air.

Now is the time to receive, to allow in what comes naturally.

Take time to sit in nature to feel the gift bestowed upon you. Feel the wonder of love.

Let love inform you of a new river in time, maneuvering you through new flavors of the senses, heart and soul.

Keep your balance, your grounding too, yet enjoy the ride. Treasure the meeting point of two different flavors creating a new one when two hearts merge.

New love brings back innocence, frees us of carried burdens. New love erases tensions of habit, opens the heart.

New love brings up old wounds for a final healing. If accepted, new love cleanses us.

Make sure to stay true to desires, needs, and expressions of self. Let the new love be a realistic love by being clear on what you can and cannot offer, as well as what your loved one can and cannot offer. Make peace with the realistic limits of love early on so the new energy feeds you well.

Focus carefully on how to serve the being you love, and to receive their gifts to you. Ground this new love in devotion and care so that fantasy doesn't blind you and thus later become scorn. Feel the graciousness of love but do love's work so that this love grows in a healthy way.

If you are fighting new-love consciousness, you are lost in a fantasy. Are you counting on love to save you instead of offering you a shared learning gift? Are you appreciating what is given? If romantic love has arrived, is it given to you by someone you are ready and willing to embrace?

Love is a gift when consistently honored, tenderly and well.


What can I give to this love?

What can I ask to receive from this love?


Bask in the new love.