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The Timing of Truth

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About the Queen of Swords: My great grandmother said the Queens are the timing cards of the Tarot. The “Queen of Swords” represents the timing of truth!

Timing is the Queen’s job: The “Queen of Swords” is connected to your thoughts, choices and actions throughout the realization of your destiny. The Queen will predict the truth, and cut through the gray areas with her sword, so you can make the right decision.

The Queen’s job is timing and she always follows through. I have found this to be true. When the “Queen of Swords” comes out in the outcome, the Queen represents the time of right now! The Truth will be revealed to you!

About the Swords: The Swords usually indicate a struggle or conflict, a possible decision about separating from past attachments. The Swords represent your mental outlook with respect to communication and thought as well as the need to stay rooted within your consciousness (the now) and be aware of your comparative, inquisitive, analytical, and investigative perceptions.

The “Sword Archetypes” experience conflict, pain, anger and aggression, and are connected to the spring months in the northern hemisphere and the fall season in the southern hemisphere: The time of March 21 to June 21 and the season we are in right now! The Swords further represent the element of air, the color yellow, and the direction of the east.

Their positive characteristics are their strength, authority, courage, ambition and desire to travel. The “Sword Archetypes” desire to seek the truth and are not afraid to call a “Spade a Spade”!

About the zodiac air signs: The “Queen of Swords” is associated with the astrological sign of Libra. Air signs are smart and enterprising. They are good at solving a puzzle or dilemma because they think outside of the box, and look at situations from all angles. Air signs are optimistic, curious and alert, but can be cold and detached and not understanding with the emotional needs of others.

They possess the virtue of knowledge and are good communicators and mentally inclined people. This group of the zodiac are original, well-disciplined, quick thinkers, and rational, but are not emotional and they are more intellectual and have the ability to think quickly and accurately.

Air signs have a tendency to judge themselves and others harshly because they have high standards and will carry a grudge, and will express their opinion. They are known to change their temperament as fast as the wind changes and will not hesitate to express their anger verbally.

Their decisions are not swayed by others, they will take a step back and come to terms with their issues, but it will take time, because they cannot be rushed. They are not ready until they decide.

My interpretation of the Queen of Swords: The “Queen of Swords” is intelligent and rational and she is rigid with the way that she thinks and does not go with the flow. The Queen goes with her beliefs and morals because she trusts herself and not others.

The “Queen of Swords” represents a mature woman who is more intellectual than emotional. She was born with emotion because she is a woman, but represents a woman that is composed and set in what she believes in.

She will judge you and others, but she will not be influenced by other people, because she only trusts her experiences in life and not others. She can be a bit harsh in situations because she only sees things in black and white and that is because she is an air sign that is intelligent, independent, mature and perceptive.

She has good communication skills and will always try to get to the heart of the matter because she has an eye for observing the situations around her. She is a strong willed woman who is in control of her environment and she does not want to be told what to do. She will call your bluff and stands up for what she believes in.

The Queen has a sadness that is deeply embedded within her that she never talks about. She is too proud to talk about her past and will not tell her secrets to others because she was raised to keep certain things private.

© Dana Rothstein |

The Queens Diary

About the symbolism of the Queen of Swords: The “Queen of Swords” is numerated number thirteen. When we see the number 13, we think of bad luck, black cats, broken mirrors and Friday the 13th. The number 13 represents transformation – the end of an old, outdated way of thinking or of a lifestyle that has been outgrown.

© Saniphoto |

Butterflies – Transformation

The sky is blue and represents wisdom and the thoughts of the Queen. There are clouds hovering over the mountains which represent a stormy condition. The Queen is pouring water out of a pitcher, the water represents her emotions, and the Queen is showing you that she acts with her head rather than her heart! She is not emotional!

The “Queen of Swords” sits on her gray stone throne which represents her rigid structure. The Queen wears a blue gown symbolizing her thoughts. She is holding a sword, pointing upwards, which represents her intellect and determination. There are mountains in the distance which reflect a goal that is not far away from achieving, because the distance of the mountains is not far away, representing the timing of truth!

The “Queen of Swords” is a noble woman who needs separation from others and requires her solitude, but she is a woman of wisdom through her experiences in life. She is a woman that needs to balance the situation, but she wants to balance the scales her way and only believes in her morals and beliefs.


With Love And Joy,


© Safina 2012

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