Tarot Card Meanings
The Major Arcana

Instead of the usual dry, boring list of key-words associated with each tarot card or the standard descriptions displayed on a myriad websites on the internet, here you'll find something a little different...

We've asked our in-house live tarot readers to write short, inspiring and informational articles about each card, and we'll be posting them here with a simple, user friendly navigation.

It's a work-in-progress begun March 2015 with our recent re-launch and right now we only have the Major Arcana for you to view.

For now, whilst we work on the new navigation system, use the menu to select the Major Arcana card you would like to know more about.

If you would like to learn the Tarot in a more structured way, please check out our Pleasure Of Tarot course, which is available in it's entirety here for free.