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The Three Card Tarot Spread

By Safina :: :: 10 comments

The Past, Present And The Future

Question: What Lessons Did I Learn That Had A Big Impact On My Life?

The Past – The Lovers Card: The Lovers card comes out in the past and this card sends a strong heartfelt message about a lesson I learned in the past. The lesson was connected to bonding with another person.

I learned the Lovers card may represent three people connected to a situation, and that you cannot connect with another person until the third person is out of their life. The third person may represent a lover from their past, or a person they have not let go of yet, because they are going through a separation or divorce, and they are still connected to the past.

The lesson I learned was to stay away from a person that had not resolved the past. The Lovers card represents making the right choice. I made the wrong choice in the past, I let my heart rule, and took a chance, and made a mistake.

The Present – The Strength Card: The Strength card comes out in the present and represents that I have developed strong inner strength.

The Strength card represents that my inner spirit is strong and I do not fall into error anymore. I now control my inner temptations and fears through self-control and discipline.

The lesson that I learned was that I needed to control my environment and not allow my environment to control me. I needed to understand how important it was to be in control because in the past I fell into error and allowed my environment to control me.

The Future – The Fool: The Fool comes out in the future, and represents that I am not going to let the mistakes I made in the past, stop me from living.

The Fool represents a person that is ready to leap into the unknown again, but this time with an education and understanding of the lessons that I learned in the past. I have realized that we are all the Fool, one way or another, and that it’s okay to make a mistake, mistakes make us stronger and prepare us better for the future.

With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012

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  1. martina says:

    could you tell me where my husband spends wed and thurs between 6-8.30 pm. he switches his fone off.very secretive about his fone.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      I can take a look at this for you, you will need to come live chat. Let me know when you want to come.

      love safina

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  2. Nonela says:

    Hi Safina!
    I did a three card tarot reading, asking wether I should stay and fight for my relationship,and the cards were 1.Situation as it is,Knight of cups,2 Action to be taken,nine of wands. 3.sitiation that will evolve Judgement card.
    I would love your input in this matter
    Thank u in advance

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  3. Nonela says:

    Yes he did

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    • Safina says:

      The Judgement card is the cheater and forgiveness card in my deck. You need to forgive him and forgive yourself, BUT if you are always thinking that he is going to cheat again you need to cut him loose, because you have developed a trust issue that you are not letting go of, and you will be snooping through his life and trying to see if he is cheating again.

      If you have developed the issue of not trusting him, you need to cut him loose, because you will never trust him again.

      Love Safina

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  4. Nonela says:

    Thanx a lot Safina! :smile:

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  5. CiKI75Mt7 says:

    575724 181138Interesting website, i read it but i still have a few questions. shoot me an email and we will talk more becasue i may have an interesting idea for you. 143829

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