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The Thief

By Safina :: :: 4 comments

Caution: Another person may be tempted to do something that is not right! Beware, there is a cunning person who will take something or betray your confidence to get ahead!

The Seven of Swords is associated with the astrological air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and represents your mental outlook with communication and thought.

The Sword Archetypes desire to seek the truth and are not afraid to call a “Spade a Spade”! The Swords experience conflict, pain, anger and aggression, and are connected to the spring season in the northern hemisphere and the fall season in the southern hemisphere.

The timing of the Swords is undetermined, because they wrestle with unresolved issues in their mind, but when they are ready, they will cut right through the situation, and the result is usually shocking!

The positive characteristics of the Swords are their strength, authority, courage, ambition and desire to travel.

The negative characteristics of the Swords represent an angry person, one that is dishonest, sneaky and has hidden motives, and they may use verbal abuse to control the situation to get what they want.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism of this card:

The Full Moon – The thief’s wishes come true on the night of the Full Moon – The Full Moon is the time to either celebrate or to abandon a path that has failed to serve you. The seed that you planted during the New Moon Phase, which represents (the waxing phase) has grown and blossomed or remained stunted and miserly. The thief planned on taking the seven swords before the Full Moon, but was going to act during the time of the Full Moon.

The Crescent Moon Inside The Full Moon – The Waxing Phase – The time to be assertive, and the thief was going to be assertive and follow through with their plans during the Full Moon phase.

The Entrance Of The Black Doorway – Mystery Of What Is Hidden – The background of this card is very dark, and there is an entrance to a doorway that is black, the color black is symbolic of the dark side of one’s personality.

Gray Stone Building – The color gray represents something unclear and mysterious. Stone is also symbolic of a person that is rigid and set in their ways.

Three Pillars – There are three pillars thrown in a pile of rubble on the right, and the right side represents the present. The pillars represent the judgment the thief is going to go through later. The number three is connected to the universe.

The Seven of Swords in a reading represents a need to be cautious as you or another person may be tempted to do something that is not right. I call Seven of Swords the “Thief Card” because someone is going to take something or betray the confidence of someone to get ahead.

It can also mean that you are running away from an issue that you are not willing to resolve yet, and you want to be sly and devious about it. You or another person may be plotting with hidden, cunning intentions.

There is an impatient restlessness associated with this card, and someone may cheat you out of something that is rightfully yours.

When I see this card come out in a spread, I always feel the need to watch what is going on around me. There may be a jealous person that wants to make you look bad or will do something to make themselves look better, possibly shattering your reputation

© Anatoly Maslennikov |

The Thief

With Love And Joy,


© Safina 2012




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  1. kate says:

    Most of your reading are true and on time.

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      You are welcome, glad you are enjoying the card readings! Come see me live when you get a chance.

      Love Safina

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  2. April says:

    Hi there

    There was a time when I felt fear if the seven of swords turned up in my readings – now i love it when it comes, its warning me to be aware of my surroundings. Thank you and cheers


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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Yes I agree, good way to look at it and glad that you are enjoying the cards!

      Love Safina

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