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The 9 of Cups – Wishes Come True!

By Safina :: :: 6 comments

The Nine of Cups is connected to the zodiac water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water signs lead and rule with their heart.

The Nine of Cups is called the wish card and represents your wishes have come true – the timing in your life which represents love, good health and success.

The Nine of Cups is numerated nine (9) and represents completion of a cycle – the celebration of a long awaited dream or goal.


Remember, with the number nine, we complete a cycle – the completion of your long awaited goals.

The number nine also represents the other side of the coin, the reversed meaning of this card – the end of a fulfilling long term goal, or the goal that has not happened. The cups are in the reversed position and the wish has fallen out of the golden cups.

Let’s take a look at the symbols in this card to see what is going on and learn more about the Tarot. There is a dark haired woman holding one golden cup in her right hand, remember, the right side represents the present. The dark haired woman represents the suit of the Cups, and she also looks like she is celebrating. If you look closer, you see her focusing on the golden cup which represents (a story about true love, and her wishes that came true).

The golden cup represents her connection to the element of fire (passion, desire and love), the element of water (emotions) and the connection to the Moon (femininity). Did you know the element of fire represents a man and the Moon represents the woman, and both of these elements represent the marriage timer in your birth chart? Is the dark haired woman also wishing for marriage?

There are six (6) golden cups sitting on a large foundation of brown rocks. The number six represents the Lovers Card and her wish to connect with her true soul mate. The six cups that are located on the large rock formation represent the symbol of balance connected to your partner, family, children and health. The small pebbles are your job, house, and car and all the material things in your life. You are reminded to take care of the large rocks first because those are the things that really matter.

There are green clumps of algae located on the large rock foundation – the color green is connected to the heart chakra and growth. The green algae represents the mineral, calcium that keeps you healthy, so the presence of the algae is connected to your health, which is also the most important wish, which is to to stay healthy and happy.

Lastly, in the background, there are two (2) golden cups, which represent the Two of Cups: The Two of Cups represents good luck connected to love, passion, deep emotions, and the coming together and bonding of two people to form a new relationship or the re-kindling of an existing relationship.

There is a woman holding a golden cup, with her right hand, remember, the right side represents the present. There is a man that represents her soul mate, because of his golden wings, and if you look closer, he is holding a golden cup in his right hand which represents the present.

The man and woman are celebrating, because both of their golden cups are joining together – their union of giving and receiving. In conclusion, the golden cups represent the symbol of love and emotions that are overflowing – the color gold represents the connection with the divine, angels, and soul mates and also symbolizes success.


© Louis Davilla Wiyono |




With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012


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  1. Ruby says:

    Thank you Safina for giving and sharing my tarot reading... Every time I opened my email I always hope that I have good news from my tarot reading.. Your reading really give me some insights about the things going on into my life.

    Looking forward to receive more reading from you..

    Thank you very much.

    More power...

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  2. OneLuckyDuckND says:

    Your interpretation of the 9 of Cups is the most beautiful meaning I’ve read thus far! It literally felt like a beautiful love story, and I was completely enamored! Thank you for sharing your insight on this magnificent “wish” card. I LOVED how you perfectly described it. Blessings Safina!

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  3. bronzeheart says:

    Great blog.

    I have a question about this very card; I am somewhat new to reading Tarot (I’m certainly not at the point yet where I would charge someone for my services) but I will do readings for friends when asked. I did a reading for a person yesterday who had a question about the future of his relationship with a girl he had been involved wtih the past year, but whom he is not currently actively dating; and the Nine of Cups – which I’ve always understood to be the “Wish Come True” card – appeared in the 8th position of the Celtic Cross (representing other person’s feelings/viewpoint). I have never encountered the Nine of Cups in this position and I am a bit confused about how I should interpret it (as I said, the couple are not currently dating, yet the 10th and final card was the Ten of Cups, which I took to mean there would be a positive outcome for their relationship. Advice?

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      The 9 of Cups comes out in the 8th position, how others see him, and what he wishes for because the 9 of Cups=the wish card, he lets others know what he wishes for. Now the 10 of Cups comes out in the outcome, this card represents a relationship that has weathered storms but stays together, but that’s not true, because they are not together. so the energies of that card are not true, its the reversed position, they did not weather the storms, pull 3 more cards.

      love Safina

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