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The Natal Birth Chart – The Emperor

By Safina :: :: 5 comments

The Emperor Represents The Element Of Fire

Tarot Astrology

The First House – The Element Of Fire

The House Of Astrology DNA

The Emperor: The first (1st) house is ruled by the planet of Mars in the “Natal Birth Chart.”

I named the first house astrology DNA: The first house is really interesting because our birthdate represents what you look like, the shape of your face, and the size of your body.

I learned that physiognomy is associated with astrology and criminologists use astrology to identify what criminals look like, because it defines their shape and features of their face. It was remarkable to learn that our birthdate define what we look like.

I also learned that your romantic partners are located in your four cardinal houses as they are the strongest angles in your birth chart. The cardinal points are your first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses. The signs in these houses represent your romantic partners and soul mates.

Through my experience, my romantic partners represent their true birth sign or rising sign. Some say the order of the cardinal houses represents the strongest angles and potency, and for me they are the tenth, seventh, fourth and first, in this order of potency and strength. Everyone is different but the four cardinal houses represent romantic partners that you will meet in your life.

Nasir1164 |

Astrology DNA: The Color Red = The Element Of Fire

The first house represents your rising sign, which is the exact time that you were born on the eastern horizon, and named the Ascendant and abbreviated ASC. The ascendant represents your personality, and what you project out to the world, the person that you want others to see.

This house represents the self and how you assert yourself (your actions and what drives you to explore into other territories), your habits (what you like to do and desire), your ego (representing identity, individuality, executive organizer, the ego transmits ideas, and senses if a situation is threatening or calm), and lastly our personal power (how you initiate what you want to do, and act on it).

The Personality

More about the personality: The first house represents your personality and there are four (4) elements that need to be considered to determine your true personality.

The number four is connected to the Emperor in the Tarot, which represents a stable number that denotes security, authority, control, responsibility, and experience. The number four can be disrupted only with great difficulty! Our personality is connected to the Emperor Tarot card. I love the energies of the number four!

The first element of your personality represents the zodiac sign that you were born under. This is determined by the exact day of your birth, which may represent the cusp of your zodiac sign or the time when the zodiac sign is truer and not overlapping with another sign.

As an example: June 24: Cancer zodiac sign – Gemini cusp – I was born on the cusp of the Gemini zodiac sign where two signs blend: the sign I was born into and the previous sign. Two personality models control because I pick up the traits from the end of the previous sign, Gemini.

The second element of your personality represents your rising sign, which represents the ascendant. The ascendant is the exact time of your birth, connected to the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth and abbreviated as ASC.

As an example: My ascendant is the Leo zodiac sign – this represents my rising sign – my rising sign is the image that I project outward to others.

The rising sign is the secret mask of one’s personality, the personality that you are trying to grow into throughout your life’s destiny. Your rising sign is the image that you project outward to others, the outer door to yourself combined with your Sun sign.

The third element of your personality consists of the Moon, which represents your inner, secret self. The Moon represents your emotions and sensitivity, the intimate side of your secret closet that you are not willing to talk about, and your emotions that change with the fluctuations of the Moon.

As an example: My Moon sign is Virgo, which represents how I feel day to day because the Moon is always changing – the Moon is all about our inner feelings and emotions, and it is more complex because the Moon represents the secret side of yourself.

The last element and fourth spin on your personality derives from what you liked and did not like about your upbringing, which connects to your morals. Thus, this is the moral aspect of your personality, the fourth part of you that decided how you wanted to live, what you saw as right and what you saw as wrong.

Your upbringing represents training, instruction, and the way that you were treated. This is the examining part of your personality that led you to pick out what you liked and agreed with, but also what you did not like and was not willing to repeat and use in the future.

Iqoncept |

The Ego – Your Identity, Individuality, And Executive Organizer

With Love And Joy,


© Safina 2012

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