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The Moon ~ Dreams

By Safina :: :: 2 comments


Moon-LotusThe Path Of The Moon Represents Illusion, Mystery, Dreams, Lies, Deceit And Confusion...

The Story About Hecate

In Mythic Tarot and Greek Mythology, you meet Hecate, the Triple Moon Goddess. She represents the 3 stages of life, and the 3 phases of the Moon. Hecate’s mother was Asteria (the star goddess of dreams, astrology, and necromancy) and her father was Perses (the god of destruction).


Hecate was associated with the night, magic, witchcraft, ghosts, and necromancy (the act of communicating with the dead and foretelling the future or discovering what was hidden). She is the gatekeeper of hidden things, and she brings out the light in the dark places of your life, and lets you examine your hidden treasures that are locked away in your unconscious through your dreams.

In Mythic Tarot, you see a woman that has 3 faces and they represent the 3 stages of life. In some legends, it was said that Hecate was able to turn herself into a young maiden during the Waxing Moon, a mother during the Full Moon, and the old crone during the Waning Moon.

The first stage of life is the young maiden (as an example: Persephone-the virgin-the Waxing Moon Phase), the second stage of life is the mother (as an example: Demeter-the pregnant woman-the Full Moon Phase), and the third stage of life is the older crone (as an example: Hecate-the mature woman-the Waning Moon Phase).

Hecate’s silver hair shows that she is a wise and mature woman, the older crone, accompanied by a dog with 3 heads (the Cerberus). The Dog represents her loyal guardian that helps her guard the gates at the 3 crossroads so she can see in all 3 directions of the past, present, and the future.

The crab represents your dreams and something that is hidden, but also a symbol of dishonesty with yourself or the dishonesty of another person that needs to own up to something. The dark sky represents something that is hidden or lurking in the darkness that will be revealed to you when you tune into your dreams. Your dreams represent guidance that will allow you to navigate through the confusion.

When the Moon comes out in your reading, it suggests that you may feel confused about your situation. You may find yourself standing at the cross roads with indecision. This is the time that you need to call upon Hecate, the wiser you, to delve into your unconscious, to release what is hidden, through your dreams. In doing so, you will bring the light into your situation and banish the darkness and confusion.


Eti Swinford |

Sometimes Dreams Are A Bit Fuzzy Until You Really Think About Them...


My Interpretation Of The Moon

The Moon is a scary card that represents fear and worry. The Moon projects fear into the present and future because of your past ordeals. The Moon is symbolic of illusion and your imagination running wild, and it may induce you to commit an error in judgment.

Have you ever rushed into something without thinking it through? Did you have this uncanny feeling that your situation was not going to work out the way you thought it would? Did you ignore this dark feeling and push forward anyway? Did you get hurt and find yourself going through a painful experience that forced you to recall the event of your mistake continually?

Did you know the Moon will awaken deep memories from the past and release them into the present, causing you to wonder why the past is resurfacing? This will be a time in your life when you plunge deep into your unconscious to start unearthing all your past anxieties, fears, and blocks, healing your spirit and bringing an end to the nightmare and confusion forever.

The Moon may bring out a new haunting awareness of the uncanny attraction that led you to mistakenly take a chance that ended in nightmare. The Moon will try to trick you to relive the past during a time of troubled clarity when your emotions are as changeful as the Moon itself.

The Moon also represents misleading people who will trick you and lie. When the Moon appears in a reading, question your motives and the people around you because there may be an uncertainty about that person or a decision that you need to make. If you feel uncertain, this is a sign not to make any decisions because you cannot see things clearly, doubting the people around you.

You might be scared of losing again, fearful of another mistake. The Moon will bring out this fear, evoking the need for courage to provide the clarity you need to make the right decisions. The Moon compels one to face fears in order to move forward.

M & M

Andreas Meyer |

Did You Have This Uncanny Feeling That Your Situation Was Not Going To Work Out The Way You Thought It Would? Did You Ignore This Dark Feeling And Push Forward Anyway?


The Reverse Meaning Of The Moon

The Moon reversed indicates you are experiencing self-deception, illusion, fears and anxiety. You are not able to think clearly or make good decisions, and you are slamming on the breaks until you figure everything out. This is a time when your dreams will provide you with important clues to understanding what is really bothering you.


Marina Pissarova |

The Moon Represents Hidden Trickery, Including The Wicked Witch Who Causes Problems For Dorothy And Her Companions...

The Moon Also Represents Misleading People Who Will Trick You And Lie To You...

When The Moon Appears In A Reading, Question Your Motives And The People Around You Because There May Be An Uncertainty About Those People...


Life Lessons: Always remember, the Major Arcana represents major life lessons, so if the Moon comes out in the outcome of your reading, the Moon represents that you are acting on something without thinking it through. You may also learn a new lesson.

The Moon also represents your hidden fears and feelings, which you are avoiding. You are not focused on all the lessons that you learned in the past. Although you feel something is not right, you are not slamming on the breaks. You are going for it! The Moon represents that you may feel tempted to do something that you will regret, because your mind and intuition are tricking you.

I hope you have enjoyed the Moon. Please let me know if you are experiencing unusual dreams that keep happening? Did you know the Moon is connected to the twelfth house of your natal birth chart and this area represents your secret closet – the house of self-undoing?

Secret Closet

Davidmartyn |

Old Baggage – The Secret Closet

The secret closet relates to what has gone on in the past, or what will happen in the future. This area of your natal birth chart holds all your secrets, including your guilt, sorrows, secret affairs, hidden enemies, and everything that you want to keep hidden from the public.

The secret closet is also loaded with your fears, regrets, and phobias because of the hurt you experienced in the past that you were never able to fix. Your painful experiences and fears are locked away in your secret closet, waiting for the day to escape, the day that you finally forgive yourself for the mistakes you made, or forgive the person that hurt you.


With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2013

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  1. melodie says:

    Very nice Safina! I always learn so much from you and your posts!

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    • Safina says:

      Thanks Melodie,

      Yes the Moon in Mythic Tarot was trippy. The 3 phases of the Moon, and the 3 phases of life, this is totally a babe card. Ha Ha.


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