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The King of Cups – The Husband Card

By Safina :: :: 2 comments

The King of Cups is connected to the zodiac water sign of Cancer. The King is numerated fourteen and represents the numbers 1 + 4, when added together, equal the number 5.

The number 5 represents the connection to the Hierophant which suggests the King’s strong connection to the Royal Monarchy, of the Tarot, and his values and beliefs. The King dominates his role and lives by tradition, believing in his role of tradition, utterly.

The King’s connection to the Hierophant also represents the connection to the divine and his internal spiritual leader connected to his higher-self. The King is holding a golden cup in his left hand – remember the left side represents the past, and in this case, the King’s strong connection to his traditional values and beliefs of the Royal Monarchy, of the Tarot. He dominates his role as the King, and because of his strong beliefs and faith – he has a stubbornness to live by tradition, and he refuses to change.

The King is holding a golden harp in this right hand – remember the right side represents the present. The golden harp symbolizes the King is also a musician, but there is a deeper meaning! The King has a devout religious belief to connect to the angels and the divine, through his music, and he believes the melody of his harp soothes his soul, and allows him to communicate with the divine. The King’s musical harp keeps him centered and calm.

The King of Cups stays strong by controlling his environment, and everything that is going on around him at all times. The King is very ambitious and sometimes a difficult person to read. He controls his position of power by not allowing people access into his personal and confidential life. He has set up boundaries about how he wants to live, and feels necessary to keep others out of his personal life, which gives him more power to succeed and be in control.

© T_______ Boongird |

The King Wants To Keep His Personal Life Private

The King is emotional, in a hidden way. He looks calm on the outside, but secretly emotional on the inside. If you look closer at this card, you will see his throne sits on a body of water, the current is choppy and not calm. The choppy current represents the Kings inner emotions, connected to the ocean and represents his independence and the need to control his hidden feelings, which he wants to keep private.

Lastly, the King of Cups represents the husband card in my deck. The King is not connected to a specific timing, because his wife, the Queen of Cups is in control of all the timings.

© Eti Swinford |

The Royal King Has Boundaries

Outside of the Royal Monarchy, of the Tarot, the King Archetype represents a person that is dedicated to his career. His morals are strongly connected to his job which may represent the roles of counseling, clergy, priesthood, pastor, teacher, doctors of medicine, doctors of law, doctors of teaching or a person that is in a high ranked leadership role.

He is a wise intelligent man who is a good listener, supportive, and provides guidance. He is a confident and respectful mature man in control of his surroundings, who has a deep understanding of his emotions, and understands the currents of change which can throw you off balance. He will show you how to navigate through your challenges because he has been in your shoes, and he is trusted, dedicated, and knowledgeable, in control, committed, a man of strong morals, religious, fatherly, and a reliable person.


With Love and Joy,


© Safina 2012


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  1. Doris says:

    Hi there – first of all, thank you for all your insightful articles – much appreciated ! SOS now, as I am totally confused about the use of LEFT & RIGHT sides in the cards. In the King of Cups you state: ...holding a golden CUP in his LEFT hand..(which) represents the PAST..golden HARP in RIGHT hand..represents the PRESENT... Maybe I’m getting cross-eyed, but to me it looks like he is holding the CUP in his RIGHT hand/the HARP in his LEFT hand! Are we playing with/using mirror imaging here...did I miss the explanation of this somewhere..? No wonder I don’t know if I’m coming or going these days..hehe :-)

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    • Safina says:

      Hello Babe,

      Okay the easiest way to help you with this. Walk in the picture and sit in the Kings thrown. When you are sitting there, you are looking at me, straight away.

      Does this help, do you understand now.

      love safina

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