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The Chariot

By Safina :: :: 2 comments

The Chariot-LotusThe War Between The Conscious And Unconscious...

The Path Of The Chariot Represents The Courage To Master Emotional Control And Triumphant Over Obstacles...

The Story of Ares

In Mystic Tarot, you meet Ares (the god of war). Ares is steering the chariot and his twin son’s are the white and black horses, which are shown as metaphors for Deimos (fear) and Phobos (terror).

The storm clouds looming in the distance represent the timing of war, and the arrival of Ares and the battle he must overcome! Deimos and Phobos are the spires (the young knights) that pull their father’s chariot though the battle.

The white horse represents the conscious and staying in the present to overcome the battle, and the black horse represents the unconscious, the chaos Ares is going through battling against a deep emotional conflict that he must be overcome!

The horses are pulling Ares and the chariot in opposite directions! Ares is in a personal war to gain control of his inner emotions, which is forcing him to find the courage to end the war between his conscious and unconscious and take control of his inner emotions, and win the war!

Have you ever been though an internal conflict with yourself because you let your emotions get the best of you? Did your emotions get you into hot water with others because of your temper, or did you get stuck in your fears, unable to express what you needed to say because you did not want to be on center stage, with all the attention aimed at you? Either way, you end up spinning your wheels going through a personal inner conflict, unable to balance your conflicting emotions, and unable to triumphant over your inner obstacles!

My Interpretation Of The Chariot:

The Chariot card shows a soldier dashing hurriedly into battle to win control over his emotions and to tame his wild instincts.

Everyone, at times, becomes a new recruit in need of mastering emotional control. Through battle, you prove your worthiness to reach the next rank, to leave “Boot Camp” behind, to exercise self-control when meeting your adversaries, to prepare for anything that life throws at you.

You learn that your emotions drive you and sometimes consume you, so you must not allow your emotions to turn into anger, grief, repeated self-pity, idleness, or fear. Boot camp teaches you how to stand up for yourself and become a better soldier, to develop the eye of the tiger so necessary for walking with pride and foresight.

Most crucially, you must retain your motivation and refuse to be swayed by the specter of the past and your mistakes. Instead, the past teaches you to stay calm and centered.

The Chariot is about winning and mastering your emotions – developing the positive side of yourself, being strong, self-controlled, able to balance conflicting emotions, and triumphant over obstacles. Mastery of your emotions through self-discipline, hard work, and control lends you peace and the elimination of all aggression from within.

When this card appears in a reading, it represents challenges that you must confront. Your courage is required for an existing struggle, an emotionally destructive relationship, perhaps, that you cannot end or surpass.

You must find the strength to repair the relationship or else end it entirely. Tell yourself that you will prevail by accepting the need for change, and taking the new steps necessary to find happiness and live your dream. When an issue resists resolution, no matter how difficult, you need to formulate a plan that will orient you correctly.

The Reverse Meaning Of The Chariot:

The reverse meaning of the Chariot card is emotional obsession, over-achievement, and an incessant preoccupation with climbing the ladder of success.

Your desire to move faster than the average makes you a harsh taskmaster, eager to arrive without delay. You want to attain your destination soon without spending a lot of time and without delays or pauses.

During this time, your emotions are strung highly, and you may end in chaos, losing all sense of control or balance.

Overwhelming ambition and high expectations do not always serve you best. He who takes on too heavy a burden runs the risk of losing all.

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