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Tarot Card For November 7, 2011

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My Interpretation Of The Queen Of Wands Tarot Card

The “Queen of Wands” represents a woman that is full of vitality and has that inner spark needed to live life to the fullest. She has contagious energy, and her enthusiasm is like the eighth spark plug in a racecar.

She tackles everything with dedication and commitment. She is a busy mother, career woman and wife, but she prefers it that way.

The “Queen of Wands” loves to be on the go, and she lives a fast, upbeat life; nothing slows her down. She is fierce, passionate, and determined; rather than brutish; she is direct and honest, arriving at her point rapidly.

She has experienced deep pain and hardships in the past, but she doesn’t let that pain break her spirit. She chooses to learn from the painful experience of the past and grow from it. She has a dark side to her because of the pain that she went through, and she chooses to keep this side private.

Playful, attractive, and lively, she lights up a room when she enters. The “Queen of Wands” inspires you to live a more fulfilled life and to be true to yourself.

© Victoria Kalinina |

She Lights Up The Room

© Anna Yakimova |

Cat Woman—Playful And Attractive

Have a great day!

Blessings, Safina

© Safina 2011






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