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Tarot Card For November 4, 2011–Safina’s Choice

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The High Priestess is connected to the Moon, that ephemeral ruler of the ocean’s tides and of our emotions that change and fluctuate just as the Moon itself.

During the changing phases of the Moon, we may receive mixed messages between our heart and our mind and this red flag is alerting you that something is wrong!

The High Priestess is your channel of communication between the conscious and subconscious.

Is your gut feeling urging you caution and restraint, reminding you of valuable lessons that you have learned in the past but now forgotten.

Do you remember hearing that nagging voice of your High Priestess warning you!

Do you also remember that you were supposed to be cautious because you do not want to repeat something over again which was: I knew I shouldn’t have done that – I did not listen to the mixed signals I had between my heart, mind, and first gut instinct, and now it’s too late!

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The Journey—Which Way Do I Go…

I Struggle With The Messages I Receive Between My Heart And My Mind

The High Priestess calls for the balancing of logic (the mind) and emotions (the heart) with your intuition.

Sometimes the facts that we seek evade us. They hide from us, but try as they might, the subconscious will always reveal them, releasing your secret.

Quiet the raging of your mind and strive to hear the voice inside of you and the answers to your questions will manifest.

Those times when we feel thwarted, incapable of penetrating the mystery, overwhelmed with impatience and walled in by seeming nonsense, those are the times when we commit the fatal error of ignoring our intuition.

Our first instinct about something usually perceives the truth. Once we understand this, the lucidity of all the rest resolves.

The High Priestess Moon Crown Symbol

© Mj Fox |

The Waxing-Full-Waning-Moon Crown

The High Priestess is connected to the Waxing Moon Phase that we are going through right now! Enjoy the day and listen to that inner voice that we all hear inside ourselves!

Blessings, Safina

© Safina 2011




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