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The Emperor

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The Emperor represents the path of power, obedience and control...  The Emperor is the father and builder of structures and assumes command of his life, environment, body, temperament, instincts and affairs of his heart... The Emperor is a leader and not a follower, a mover and a shaker, fearless and forging ahead. The Emperor is more

The Emperor’s Jewels

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The Jewels Of The Emperor Tarot Card Cruz Puga— The Emperor’s Jewels Timing: The timing of the Emperor is within one month of a reading except during the time when Mars is retrograde. If you leap forward during retrograde, you may have to do something over. Natal Birth Chart: Mars rules the first house of more

The Emperor

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The Emperor Represents The Path Of Power, Obedience And Control... The Emperor Is The Father And Builder Of Structures And Assumes Command Of His Life, Environment, Body, Temperament, Instincts And Affairs Of Love... The Story About Zeus In Mythic Tarot, and Greek Mythology, you meet Zeus (the god of the sky, weather patterns, and unexpected more

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

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Isaac Marzioli | My experience with the “Ace of Pentacles” represented starting my new career in the field of Metaphysics. The “Ace of Pentacles” is the beginning stages of self-confidence that helps you reach your goals. You may experience sudden flashes of inspiration and creativity that will pass through you like fire and you more

The Natal Birth Chart – The Emperor

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The Emperor Represents The Element Of Fire Tarot Astrology The First House – The Element Of Fire The House Of Astrology DNA The Emperor: The first (1st) house is ruled by the planet of Mars in the “Natal Birth Chart.” I named the first house astrology DNA: The first house is really interesting because our more