How to get your $2/min chat reading (by David the Webmaster)

This page contains all the information you need to access our extra-ordinary $2 per minute introductory offer.

Please make sure to read through the instructions completely before proceeding with your order. I then recommend you keep this window open as you go through the process of connecting with , so you can refer to it when needed.

Live Person is constantly striving to improve their customer experience, so you may see some slight differences to the images displayed here. If you have any problems, please contact LP Customer services via the many available helplinks during the process.

LT vs Kasamba (formerly LivePerson)

The website you are currently visiting is Lotus Tarot. The live reading chat service uses technology powered by a different web site:

Our 2 sites are completely distinct and seperate, with different ownership, management, tech and customer support, so this distinction is essential to understand if you are seeking support either before or after your reading.

The Offer Rules

To access the offer, you must fulfil 2 criteria:

  1. You must be a first time client to the Kasamba (or LivePerson) service. This has absolutely nothing to do with your status at Lotus Tarot. If you have previously registered with Kasamba and used one of their experts, you will NOT qualify for the offer, sorry, so please don't ask as it puts in a difficult and embarrassing situation.
  2. You must wait for to reduce her normal reading rate to $2 per minute before clicking the "Hire Expert" button.

Additionally, please note that the offer is only available for Live Chat and does not include Voice/Phone readings at this time due to technical constraints of the Live Person service.

A Plea for Integrity:

The $2 per minute offer actually results in a financial loss for Lotus Tarot. It is not a taster or a teaser offer, the idea is to give you a genuine full reading with our team at an extra-ordinary rate. Obviously, our intention is for you to discover how amazingly accurate and supportive our service is, so you will want to return some time in the future for further readings.

We know that this offer can be abused and we are relying on your integrity and honesty to be able to continue offering the special price. Thanks so much for honoring this.

Next Step, Registering

So you now understand the rules of the offer and are ready to register with Kasamba and connect with for your very first reading.

When you close the alert window (the message box containing the link that brought you here), the next page you see should look like this:


If you see something else, for example the billing info screen or the signin screen, then the most likely explanation is the computer you are using has already been used to register with Kasamba.

Filling out the form should be fairly straight forward.

Billing Information

When you're done, click continue and if all went well with the registration you will see this:


Choose the payment option you want to use by clicking it.

For Paypal, you will be adding funds from your Paypal account to your Kasamba account. If your funds run out during the chat session, the session will end, so make sure you transfer enough money to cover your expected chat duration.

For credit card, your card will only be billed after the session is complete, and only if you do in fact decide to hire after your initial few minutes of introduction. Even though you are not actually charged until the session is closed, an automatic pre-authorisation is made on your card. This is a standard procedure for situations like this and does look like a charge on your card, even though it isn't.

For more detailed information about this, please see our extensive help and faq about the live reading service and pre-authorisations by using the appropriate links on the Lotus Tarot Live menu bar that looks like this on the site:


Connect to

Once you have added funds by Paypal or your credit card, or you have attached a card to your account, you will see this screen:

one click away


If everything has gone ok so far, you are now ready to click the start live session button and enter the chat window:


Provided that you are indeed a new client to Live Person, will see that you are accessing the special offer and reduce her rate to $2. If she does not do this, it is possible that LP thinks you are a returning client. (This can happen if the computer you are using has already registered an account with Live Person, even if you personally have not!)

Once you see the rate reduced to $2, you can click the "Hire Expert" button and begin your reading.


If you have any problems, feel free to ask for assistance, or close down the Kasamba window and use the customer service link in the LotusTarotLive main menu.


Enjoy your reading!