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The Chariot

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The War Between The Conscious And Unconscious... The Path Of The Chariot Represents The Courage To Master Emotional Control And Triumphant Over Obstacles... The Story of Ares In Mystic Tarot, you meet Ares (the god of war). Ares is steering the chariot and his twin son’s are the white and black horses, which are shown more

The Stairway To The Subconscious

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The High Priestess represents the path of intuition and meeting the Higher Self... The Higher Self is your intuitive guide that resides inside of you. Your intuitive guide helps you balance and understand the messages you receive between your heart, and your mind, with your intuition, and your sixth sense... The Story About Persephone In Greek more

What Are The Jewels Of The World Tarot Card

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Piccia Neri | Opening The World Treasure Chest The Jewels Of The World Tarot Card   Timing: The timing of the World is within one month except during retrograde periods, because if you leap forward during retrograde, you may have to do something over. I call the retrograde period, “The Do-Over!” Life Lessons: Always more