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Tag "Chiron"

New Moon ~ Waxing Phase ~ New Beginnings

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Ioana Davies | Time of a new beginning and feeling spontaneous. The Moon is in the “New Moon Phase” and makes you want to start something new, but this new start has to be on your terms. The New Moon is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, and this new energy makes you feel more

Horoscope ~ July 20 – July 26

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Sunday:  The planet Saturn (more lessons to learn, and the lord of karma) turns direct and leaves retrograde motion. If you’ve been experiencing a restriction or unable to make a decision, the soupy fog should start to clear, with each day that passes because the planet Saturn is now in the last shadow period. However, hold more

The Hierophant ~ The Healer

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The Path Of The Hierophant Represents The Sacred Rules And Vows Of Society And Tradition... The Hierophant Is The Spiritual Teacher Or Shaman That Will Help You Through The Most Challenging Times Of Your Life... The Story About Chiron In Mythic Tarot, and Greek Mythology, you meet Chiron (the wounded healer). Chiron was born a more

Tarot Card For Today

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Three Day Planet Forecast Past-October 31, 2011 Planet Venus Square Planet Neptune: Planet Venus (represents love); The Square (represents tension); Planet Neptune (represents illusion and mystery). What does this all mean? Love relationships are going through highs and lows, the ups and downs, endings and new beginnings. Planet Venus squares planet Neptune and stirs up more