The Five of Pentacles

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Lotus-5 of PentaclesThe Five of Pentacles is connected to the zodiac earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and relates to a personal crisis with your career, relationship or your health.

The New Moon lights up the “Five of Pentacles,” and New Moons bring you into a new beginning. There is a yellow hallow hovering around the New Moon, relating to an enlightening message that you’ll receive or a message that you’ll be delivering!

The color of the Pentacles are yellow, relating to the color of the Sun which is numerated zero for a new beginning. The sky is deep blue, and the color blue represents your thoughts. The man’s cloak is burnt orange, a color that represents action, burnout, but also a color of healing. The building is this card is the color green, related to growth, and a new beginning. The archetype in this card is walking away from his temple, his stable foundation because he was forced to, or because he decided it was time to go. Together, all the colors symbolize a new beginning, attended by much thought, a rapid onset of action, healing, and new growth!

Career: Blocked potential in your position that is due to the people in your environment, or you might fear that you don’t have what it takes to succeed, always feeling defeated, and you’ve become your own worst enemy! Or you might get laid off, fired, or you’ve decided to quit your job, experiencing a difficult financial loss.

Health: Unexpected sickness or health related issues because of your stressful environment.

Relationship: Your partner was unfaithful, or you’ve decided to be unfaithful to your partner because you wanted your freedom, and decided to leave the relationship.

The Five of Pentacles feels like a bad omen because changes are fast and dramatic! You may feel like you got knocked off your axis, or you knocked someone else off their axis! The Five of Pentacles connects to the fifth position of the “The Tree of Life” and you’ll need every ounce of strength and courage to understand that your old path has drastically changed and you cannot go back! You have to let the old path go because “Someone Upstairs” is sending you on a new destiny!

I saw the Five of Pentacles in one of my visions, and this was the time when spirit flashed this card to me three times, and I thought, “O-My-Goodness,” this is not good, and sure enough, three weeks later I went through three financial losses and I felt like I got knocked off my axis! I got laid off my job, and I lost 2 roommates, resulting in three financial losses! Looking back at that time in my life, and at the transit that was moving through my natal birth chart, the losses were meant to be, because the universe was sending me on a new career path, and I was going to meet new roommates for a reason. This was also the time when I experienced my “Progressed Lunar Moon Return,” the Queen Bee of all Moons, and it relates to the time that you walk through another new gate in your life.

My interpretation of the “Five of Pentacles”

The Five of Pentacles represents a sudden dramatic financial loss related to your stability and security. This card represents unexpected loss, rejection, hardships, emotional pain and sickness.

It’s really hard to see the beauty in a painful situation, but the universe has a new plan for you, and however painful, you must understand that your old outdated lifestyle is being torn down for a reason, and that there is a new lifestyle on the horizon. This may be a time when you’ll have to fight your way through all the challenges, and you might doubt yourself, feeling that you’re not going to make it. But remember, you must muster all the courage you have and push through this difficult time, because you’re going to walk through a new gate that leads you to the new temple / new foundation that is right for you.

Always remember that the Five of Pentacles is numerated the “Roman Numeral V” which represents a series of additions because everything that is placed after the numeral V is added, so the numeral five represents new additions to one’s life, meaning that your situation is going to change when you walk through your new gate!


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