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Battles Cry Out To Be Won

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The Nine of Wands is connected to the zodiac fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius which represents action and determination and courage.

The sky is deep blue with massive storm clouds hovering in the distance and represents a difficult challenge.  The storm clouds represent that emotions are on edge.

The Nine of Wands represents the “Boat Cards” in my deck.  The boat stands for something that you really want, and nobody can dissuade you, and with the “Nine of Wands” it signifies sailing your boat to the lit torches which represents the timing and the end of the challenging situation.

A difficult challenge happens out of nowhere, just when you thought everything was going well, “Bang!”  A new setback is draining you, and now you have another battle to fight!  You will get through this struggle no matter how the situation pulls on you!  You have the “Eyes of The Tiger” and will succeed!

The Nine of Wands represents that you feel drained, and you will need all your inner resources to get through this struggle without surrender.  The situation may seem grim and tax your energy, but these battles cry out to be won.

Soon, you will attain closure and your prospects will open up for you again.  You need to be faithful to yourself and to your beliefs.  From your faith comes the courage and drive to win your battle.  Everything comes with a price, and deep inside you know that you are close to winning and starting anew.

You have invested all your hard-earned efforts, and there is no retreating at this point.  You are prepared to take all necessary measures because you are not going down in flames.

The sails of the boat are red with a yellow star in the middle of each sail.  The red sails represent action, determination and courage; and the yellow star in the middle of each red sail represents an enlightening message of hope and faith for the future.

The boat represents the energy of a warrior who has survived many battles but still has to fight one more.  The warrior has the determination to overcome the situation and the courage to stick with this challenge and to ride it out until the end to achieve closure.

The Nine of Wands is numerated nine and represents completion.  We come full circle with the number nine, starting over but proceeding differently.  With the number nine, we complete a cycle:  the end of a marriage, or the end of a relationship, or the end of great trauma with difficulties.  The number nine holds the energy of attainment and completion, but closure brings renewal and a new, startling beginning.

There are nine lit torches in the distance which represent the timing of a situation and completion.  The torches are not far away, they are close which represents closure is near.  The Nine of Wands represents an embattled warrior who has weathered some difficult times; he is drained by all the people that are fighting him, but he is holding on to what he believes in and will not back down.

He is prepared to take this battle as far he has too, and nothing is going to stop him.  His experiences have disciplined him, and he is keeping his eyes on his enemies.  Surrender is not an option.

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