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There are several types of readings. It depends basically on your intention.

You might need inspiration for a creative project.

Practical guidelines for your business.

A quick reassurance for a difficult task ahead.

Daily inspiration for your everyday life.

You worry about your pet.

Unburden your heart of its secrets or fears.

Clarity on your relationship issues.

Maybe you have experienced loss and wonder how your loved ones are.

You might be ill and afraid of what the future holds.

My readings can provide you with a roadmap on your journey. You have traits and characteristics that really work for you and others that make sure that you will get nowhere. We have these internal conflicts that can be very hard to solve.

Especially these feelings and experiences that hide in the subconscious can really bother us. I am an experienced Clarity Process trainer that focusses on enlightening and clarifying these subconscious patterns and beliefs.

It depends on your question how we are to proceed. Sometimes I can read your energy and the energy around you. Sometimes you will like it better to do a card reading, to clarify different angles in a situation. ( And of course I made the ‘mistake’ of writing angels instead of angles. They have a tendency to show up when needed! ).

I connect with guides and loved ones to give you more information and support.


My power animal is

Black panther

When I go into deep trance, I can hear it’s breath. It is a very specific sound. Its both exhilarating and a bit scary. It makes one instantly alert and super conscious. No time to back of or raise questions. The black panther immediately addresses and demands fearless concentration and penetrating insight. It knows how to approach a situation silently and unfazed.


Here’s what Medicine cards say about the Black Panther:


Embracing the unknown

Black panther reveals the unknown right in front of you, waiting to be embraced

She shows you how to get out of your own way to disappear

She gives you the medicine of walking right into the jaws of the unknown

She does not resist the unfathomable the unknowable

It is often difficult to face the unknown

Black Panther teaches that the unknown is not beyond comprehension

Yet one must accept what it brings.

 Accept it as a gift for her medicine is the perfect blessing.


Some power to work with! I love this energy

great teacher, great energy



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  1. boris says:

    hi I really enjoyed your reading. thank you for your your support!!!! I’ll be back 4sure. boris

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  2. pearl says:

    Hello Eldridge

    Thank you for asking. Yes you can! I am curious about your project.Let me know what it is about and what paragraph you want to use. Have a great day. Blessings Pearl

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  3. Maude Holshovser says:

    Fantastic blog post. You often write a intriguing blog post. Thanks!

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  4. Annette says:

    I like this free-reading-net/liv website. I will pass the accuracy of the site to friends.

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  5. saravana says:

    What you have written is quite right and going on now. Pls try to help me to overcome the situation and how to come out of the blue
    With regards

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  6. Anthea says:

    Your recent tarot reading and your personal description about your services really resonated with me as my step father recently passed and Ive been having a hard time facing and dealing with the reality of my dysfunctional family. I dont know how to heal myself and want to find an inner peace as well as forgive those who dont realize they are hurting others with their words and actions. I realize I dont feel like I belong anymore as the truth of the situation and environment has really hit me. I am struggling to reach out to my mother who has lost her husband as I am hurting over her treatment of me. How do I move past this horrible rut and forgive others?

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    • Pearl says:

      Dear Anthea,

      Your story touched me deeply.
      A big hug to you, I am so sorry for your loss. First of all, do not push yourself. Give yourself time.
      Do not try to solve everything right away.By all means be there for others but take a moment each day to connect with your own grief and upset. Even if it is just a 5 minute walk, listening to music, being still. Allow yourself to be ‘not’ perfect, healing starts with allowing and acknowledging that you are doing the best you can in this moment. And if it is appropriate you could be open about your true feelings to your mother. Sometimes a simple ‘ it hurts me when you say that’ is enough to make the other person aware of what their actions and words create. And sometimes it isn’t, and people are just insulted by you saying it. So if it doesn’t feel safe to open up, than forgive yourself for that too.
      Keep a save and sane place inside yourself.
      The passing of a loved one in the family always shakes up the ‘fabric’ of the family along with the incomprehensible emptiness death brings.
      Emptiness being the realization that someone is gone forever. That fact, which so hard to comprehend for us humans, seems to light up our reality as it is.
      It is an overwhelming time, please be sensitive towards yourself.

      Love Pearl

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  7. Anthea says:

    Thank you for the kindness you have shown me in your email. I really do appreciate your guidance and the tine you took to reach out to me.....since I sent you my email a couple of weeks ago, I am starting to feel a little more positive about the situation. You are so right... we must be kind to ourselves in everyday life as well as in our moment of need as sometimes “me” is all “I” have...we may be surrounded by “loved ones” but they are on their own journey and despite trying to help, they cannot fully grasp what you are going through nor offer any form of real support...the healing has to come from within and what Im experiencing, will need to take some time too! Sending out to you and your readers a positive white light your way....Love Anthea

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  8. Amy says:

    Hi how r u i just want 2 message 2 say thanks 4 all the readings that u safina and caroline have done 4 me. It has helped me come out of my shell heaps

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  9. Andrea says:

    Dear Pearl,
    Your reading was so spot-on, it was a little spooky!! You managed to pin-point my current state of mind and helped me get an insight to things I was refusing to see otherwise.
    Thank you

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  10. Amy says:

    Thank u 4 all the readings it has helped me have a closer bond with the sole mate that i have feelings 4

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  11. Amy says:

    Hello thank u 4 the readings it has helped me have a closer bond with my sole mate

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  12. Hallie says:

    I find it amazing that from a simple email I receive readings that truly apply to me. Truly spiritual and spot on!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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  13. Pearl says:

    Hi John Come in for a reading, I am happy to help you. Blessings Pearl

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