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Hello darkness my old friend…

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The Hierophant

Guidance, the need to find spiritual meaning in life.

I love the Hierophant card. More precise, the stage of life that is represented by this card. Time to return to stillness, to silence. To enter the darkness inside and spend time in your inner space. To dwell between things unseen and knowledge not revealed yet, in your own Soulspace.

hierophant:monk moon

Hello darkness, my old friend,

I’ve come to talk with you again,

Because a vision softly creeping,

Left its seeds while I was sleeping,

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence.

Sound of Silence, lyrics by Simon & Garfunkel

 It wasn’t always so. Blackness, the night, being alone, the absence of distraction, it all spelled boredom or fear for me. Boredom as in: no action anytime soon for you baby! As if you are being dispelled from the classroom and forced to stand all alone in the hallway. No fun, no communication, no distraction. You think about what you’ve done, young lady. 

Fear as in: Being all alone and frightenend in the night. Not only as a kid when monsters lurked outside my bed. As an adult, the fright of lying awake at night when life seemed too overwhelming or scary. The frozen feeling, the darkness inside of me. And the promise of the dawn with it’s light was only prolonging the fear. What to do? What action to take? I believed in those nights that the only solution could come from taking action or having a bright thought, so I would know what to do. No trust that life supports us and like a river will flow and change. Regardless if we push the river or not. It felt like punishment to draw the Hierophant, the curse of having to figure it out when you have absolutely no clue. Not until I fully understood the phrase ” do not push the river “, I felt comfortable in this dark silent space. The river, just like life, supports and carries us through whatever rocky spot we encounter. It is ok to be fearfull, not knowing what to do, and be peacefull with that. The light will come.

The Hierophant is a guide towards your inner knowledge, insight and wisdom. The light that he holds will carry him through the darkness. Willingly he encounters this Soulspace, anticipating  of unformed ideas, insight and secrets to be revealed.

Blessings Pearl





Pitch your dream

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Create shortcuts to the happiness you envision. Ask yourself what you can do today, to bring the future to the present. Be creative. Find elements in your dream that make you happy and insert them in your life. Wishing to live in Greece, with the beautiful blue color everywhere you look? Paint one chair or wall in that color. Wishing to help others eat better food? Share your recipes, invite friends and cook up a storm. Volunteer to cook for someone in need. Create the happiness now.

The Moon: Shadows on the Wall

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Usually this is an unsettling time where you feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar situations or responses. The Moon card is an indication that you are transforming. The shift we experience in perception tells you you are leaving familiar ground. Whether through an enlightening flash of insight or the gradual dawning of a new perception or talent, it is unnerving to experience. Just as after waking up from a nightmare, we experience a nameless apprehension. That leaves us with a vague but persistent feeling of discomfort. This is the scary part of the journey, where we need to face and conquer our hidden fears. Face our inner reality and learn to see through our self-created illusions.

The Creative Messenger

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Pages in the Tarot are the messengers and point to messages that will influence your question or situation. As the Wands are the creative fiery energy, the message will be positive and further your situation. Your plans will be met with enthusiasm and confirm you are on the right path.

Knight of Wands Let’s go!

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Knights are often associated with teenagers or young adults. Due to the restlessness, optimism and determination that is associated with the Knights. And just like teenagers, this knight doesn’t really care about the future ahead. Now is the moment to take action. Planning? Pfff who needs that! The Knight has a point here. He is all about action. Let him inspire you if you’ve become stuck. Or forever re-evaluating plans.This Knight is an inspirational partner for change and movement. He is a catalyst in our maturing process. In order to change and move forward we need to speed up, take action, do the wild and unexpected thing. Be bold and honorable. Just like the Knights in the old tales, let your love guide you. Honor that which you love. Connect with your deepest intention and dreams and take a bold step.

The mid season ritual

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I decided to take my housewives tarot and pick a card, if only to make myself laugh. I was hoping for a card with the classic advice, to have cocktail and do not shake or stir the murky house waters. No such luck. I got the 6 of wands, which pictures a shiny sink and congratulates the busy immaculate housewife on being pristine and victorious over all the daily chaos.

The Hierophant

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The Hierophant indicates that this is a favorable time to embark on a spiritual journey. Take time to reflect on how your own experience of life aligns with your ethics. Do you need a new ritual or images to strengthen your spiritual intentions? Who in your close circle of loved ones could benefit from your spiritual insights? Can you offer compassion and love? Can you offer compassion and love to yourself?

The Sun The message is love

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If you’re feeling stuck in your life , use the image of the sun to give you courage and lighten the path ahead of you. Visualize yourself walking in the sunlight, allowing the light to reveal the steps you need to take. Feel the vibration of the sunlight, not only full of warmth but containing all colors, lighting up your aura. Enhancing your true colors. Just like the song by Cindy Lauper, the Sun card has the same message of love… I see your true colors and that’s why I love you.

Ten of Swords: Enough ! Let go of negative thinking.

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The time has arrived to overcome those gnawing thoughts, the feeling of defeat and loss of hope. Using your own fierce intellect and trusting your own authority. The card depicts a state of defeat and being at the end of ones rope, with the positive outlook that things will change from now on. This is it, you’ve had enough and will free yourself of this negative thinking or hurt.

The Emperor for parents

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For those of you who raise children, you know the positive result of setting limits. And the setback of endlessly accommodating your little sweethearts. You need to draw the line consciously or your bundle of joy will force you.