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Let your Love shine

By Pearl :: :: 7 comments

Let your Love shine


The rose is red, the violet’s blue

The honey’s sweet, and so are you

Thou are my love and I am thine

I drew thee to my Valentine

The lot was cast and then I drew

And Fortune said it should be you.

English nursery rhyme

The 6 of Wands turns up in a reading when it is time to acclaim your success, your place in the sun. It represents  a moment of victory and triumph. Proudly showing your achievement to the world. ‘This is me, this is what I wanted and I got it’. It is also the card of healthy self esteem, to feel good about yourself and not being too shy to show it. There is competition connected to this card. Let’s look at love from the perspective of the 6 of wands.....

I have found that the most difficult times are not the ones in which nobody loved me. But the times my heart was so closed that I didn’t love anybody. Or anything, for that matter. Life was grey and without color. Not only did I feel as if I was nobody’s special someone, it worked the other way around. Nothing was special to me too. Not only did that apply to people , I was hard to satisfy in those days. Nothing really touched my heart, so in return I started to be more and more demanding. I thought that my heart would open if the other person did the right thing, said the right thing etc. I forgot that the right thing didn’t stand a chance, against my closed heart. Because as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is love. It takes one to know one. When you love, it appears as if all of a sudden you see love everywhere. Love is as much a state of being as a real feeling for another human being. Did you know that parents of new born babies carry a pink cloud in their aura? Love colors your world.


My best friend has bought a dog and although she asked us to warn her when she would start to go ‘doggieismykiddie’ and call herself ‘mom’ , guess who she is sending her valentine card to? I would love to watch the scene were she finds the card ‘Ooooh look what mommy found in the mail, Harold?’ . Yes, without a warning the chihuahua was named Harold, for it is ‘such a manly name’. At that moment I knew she was beyond warning. I picture her opening the envelope and happily singsonging the message to the unfazed Harold. Because I love my friend I like to see her happy, and to watch how she cannot contain her love for the dog. So I am going to add a little extra line on the poem so she can share it with her Harold.

Love does funny things to people. Just call the name of their sweetheart and the light literally start to shine out of their eyes. Is there a more endearing sight? Or my daughter writing me her first valentine card full of xxxxxx kisses and exclamation marks. Did you count how much mommy? All done in her favorite neon pink color.

Loud, proud love.

The courtly love from the old days is a far cry from the dating game nowadays. The knight would proudly carry the flag, the price sheep or the rose for his sweetheart. There was honor in showing who’d you love and dedicating your achievements to your special someone.

Nowadays it is almost embarrassing to tell someone you love them. Being true to your heart is not the fashionable thing to do. Better keep your feelings a secret. Better to be indifferent and ‘easy going’. At the same time. And than trying to detect the true meaning of the ‘friend/unfriend’ action. Or the ‘not calling back’ after you have been sleeping together. Or emailing the most sensitive information but being rude on the first date.

In contrast to what we are lead to believe, speaking from the heart, doesn’t make you weak. Simply speaking your truth will empower you. It also invites the other person to be true and real. There is nothing shameful in loving someone. It is a gift and it is rare and lovely.You should be proud of being a person with a heart, with love.

Like a knight in shining armour wear your love like a price. Be proud of who you love and be proud that you love.

Let your love shine.


6 of wands, Triumph, Acclaim, Pride

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  1. Rowancat says:

    Lovely post and very timely. It must by synchronicity because I was thinking about how emotion/love adds (techni)colour and meaning to life the other day, before I’d read your post.
    I too used to be ‘hard to please’ in the ‘old’ days. I remember someone commenting on it. I feel blessed by my partner, friends and pets nowadays. Also by where I live in that I can get out and walk in the country air which isn’t accessible to everyone, and wasn’t easily accessible to me when I was younger and lived in the suburbs of a city.
    Just spent the weekend with a friend who has just embarked on online dating, so I was interested in your comments about dating. I hope she will find someone who is genuine and right for her.

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  2. Marzena says:

    Dear Pearl,

    Thank you for your vision of the 6 of wands as you hit it right on for me. All of the things you mentioned just happened to me. As I have seeing this person for almost a year and feel like he is “the one” and have been foretold of his arrival. Lately he has been distancing himself and when I added him as a personI am in a relationship with, he unfriended me. No matter what I still love him deeply and unconditionally and therefore am grateful for this gift.

    His energy has an electric effect on me and I am grateful to have met him. God knows what is best for me and so I will just leave it like that.

    Thank you so much,

    with love always,


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  3. msamericanpatriot says:

    I see my partial lease mare as my child. I would love a boyfriend but with being autistic that feel like a pipe dream to me. My BFF who is also my agent surprised me big time yesterday. She sent me flowers with a small teddy bear attached to them and a note telling me to never give up. It isn’t easy when some people in society see you as less than human and that you shouldn’t date or breed. Here is the kicker about some of these people. They are professionals trained to work with individuals with disabilities. Pathetic isn’t it. All I want is what is natural and I am made to feel dirty and ashamed for wanting it.

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    • mary says:

      msamericanpatriot, what a lovely piece you wrote – honest and clear and straight from your heart – it was so touching. You write very well. I can well understand your love for your partial lease mare – where would we all be without animals, our pets, and their wonderful, unconditional love.
      Love and peace to you – Mary.

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  4. Laurie says:

    I was very touched by your post today. I received it in my email from Lotus Tarot. Usually I just glance at the card meaning, but today I saw your line “I have found that the most difficult times are not the ones in which nobody loved me. But the times my heart was so closed that I didn’t love anybody.” I have given my love so endlessly and feel so often that it is taken for granted or unwanted. I have now sadly been caught in this place you speak of... There will always be those I love, but will I ever be able to open my heart to let it in again.

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  5. essayem says:

    Your post just came into my email today. How apropos that it should appear exactly right now as I am trying to sort out and reconcile ill feelings between my daughter and me. Your post has encouraged me to speak from the heart. Thank you.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  6. Alana says:

    Thankyou Pearl, you most certainly touched my heart today, I found myself quite choked up, so your words were very appropriate! I have had a particularly hard week, after the loss of 3 friend’s and a high school teacher whom I loved and admired greatly. It’s because of times like this, that it brings me closer to my heart and closer my true feelings and that is to show those that are close to me (family and friend’s) what I truly feel and to let them know. Thankyou Pearl, for sharing xxxx

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