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Happy 2013!

By Pearl :: :: 2 comments

Happy 2013 to you all,

The new year has begun! I wish all of you a beautiful, happy and prosperous new year.
I have a good feeling about the year to come. It will be less hard than 2012. It was indeed a year of transformation, which is never easy. 2012 was a ‘five’year. A year of struggle, collapse of social structure and crises.
This is a ‘six’ year. A time to recover from the crisis, stress and turmoil created by the five.
In stressful times usually health, peace, beauty and inspiration get lost in the upheaval. As you start to relax there will be time to focus on these qualities again.
This is a year to focus on nourishing yourself and your relations to create more beauty, peace and inspiration for all.
Relation is not limited to people alone. We relate to everything around us. This year is an excellent year to expand your awareness on the intertwined nature of our lives. Paying attention to the subtle energy around us enhances the feeling of togetherness and love for life.
I know it does mine!

There are two forms of happiness according to the buddhists. One is the happiness that is the result of getting what you want. Whether it is succes, love, money etc. The second is the happiness that is within, the essence of our true nature. Regardless of what you have or do not have. The state of happiness that puts a smile on your face when touched by unexpected beauty.

I wish you all an abundance of beauty and a loving heart to recieve it,
Love Pearl

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  1. Vinodkumar says:

    A very positive understanding of the year ahead. This gives a boost to the already tired soul/ body of a year long fight with destiny and life. Thank you for a very warm and happening new year wish. wish you a happier new year ahead.

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