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Five of Cups Feeling Blue

By Pearl :: :: 12 comments

Five of Cups

Feeling Blue

This card represents a lack of fulfilment. Expectations not being met. You are feeling disappointed that a situation has not turned out as you had hoped. Either you or someone else didn’t live up to the expectation. Feelings of regret about what has been lost. But most of all this card speaks of sadness. The sadness that arises when you, finally, cut your losses. Since this is a Cup card, it is connected to relationships, emotions and feelings. It is being worn out from hoping and trying and bending your view on reality.  It usually depicts the situation where  you’ve had a series of let downs. The four fallen cups represent your efforts in having your expectations met. But the cups that we offered have not been recieved or used. The content is spilled.

No wonder you’re feeling blue.....

Let us take a deeper look into what is depicted on this card. Not all hope is lost.

First thing that catches the eye, is the beautifull color Royal Blue. Whenever I see this color in an aura , it tells me this person is in a deep transformation of a spiritual kind. This is also the color that starts to emerge when these deep lessons are truly incorperated. So placed in time, this means this transformational process has started some time ago.

Now the time has arrived to accept the reality . The lesson is truly learned, the knowledge gained. The wisdom of the soul has blended in with the human experience. While you’ve been living your life, your soul has been resting, assessing, thinking things over, musing, considering new directions. Making space to give birth to the new.

The musing of the soul has been the undercurrent in this situation. And now it is aligning you with your higher purpose. The Lady is done resting, she got up on her feet, holding her inner light. She is about to follow the golden angel, her true self, who is running away from the grey pompous building. The golden angel is on its way to a more suitable space, a better mindframe, hopes that better serve your true nature.

What is lost and mourned is in the past, and doesn’t serve you anymore. See the golden reflection on her dress. Her urgency to follow the golden angel closely.

When the mourning is done, know that you will have gained some valuable life lesson. Wear your colors in a Royal way, you’ve earned them!


Blessings, Pearl

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  1. bernie o'soup says:

    What does the reversal mean?

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    • Pearl says:

      Hi Bernie The reversal of this card can (roughly) go to ways. First instead of the overall feelings of grief and seeing the cup as half empty,it turns towards an optimistic outlook on past events. You’ll feel more hopeful, not so burdened and see the cup as half full.
      The other is that the person might be denying feelings of grief or discomfort.
      Best is to view the cards around it as well as the question.
      Blessings Pearl

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  2. Kathleen says:

    I love that you are blogging now. I am a big fan of Lotus Tarot! I enjoy the weekly cards being emailed and they are done so nicely. You do a great job of explaining the cards and their meanings. My lifetime membership was well worth the low price. Memberships also make great gifts for friends. Thank you and congrats on the heart you have all put into Lotus Tarot.

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  3. SLB says:

    How ironic that I would open my email and see this after a long discussion this morning with my husband of 23 years. Separated for 2 years and back together again I see the frustration in his face that he trys to dismiss daily. Midlife crisis perhaps? For us both? I am uncertain. I too am fearful and not looking forward to struggling again on my own but would never dream of ignoring the signs of someone else who is unhappy in their current state. Fearful of the future with no family members alive as a safety net, I have the strength, not sure about the courage to move forward.

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    • Pearl says:

      Hi SLB Fear is as well a very real emotion as well as a bad advisor. Best would be , if you are ready, to address this issue. If anything, it shows your concern for him and your relation. Wishing you strength and love, Blessings Pearl

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  4. elaine says:

    I really love your tarot card explanations and they always give me a deeper insight but how do you know the colour Royal Blue shows someone undergoing a deep spiritual transformation? I am redecorating my home, about to go professional with my psychic side and coincidentally, a lot of blue in my home now.

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    • Pearl says:

      Hi Elaine In an aura reading when ever a color shows itself I ask the color itself what it means for this particular person. But in general Royal blue is considered a ‘spiritual’ color and of evolved spirituality. I would say that having a lot of blue means that you wish to communicate from a true spiritual place inside of you. A very positive sign for your practice, it shows your intention to be true to your spiritual self. Blessings Pearl

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  5. Angela says:

    Wow, this is powerful to me right now.

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  6. Maureen says:

    Hi Pearl,
    Your words have hit the spot! I thank you for giving me some kind of explanation for this feeling of being blue despite things going well for me at this time. The time has come to move on!
    Thanks and blessings from Maureen x

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  7. Daniela Iuliana says:


    I am impressed,this card today is rely on me perfect!
    I’ve got the feeling that everything in my life is lost.
    I am enjoying yor explanations and weekly readings,and would like to thank you from my heart for beeing by my side.
    It’s so nice to read yor blog!
    Thank you,
    Big hugs,
    Daniela Iuliana

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