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The love within….

By Lynn :: :: 4 comments

The Love Within...

On this journey through life we encounter others to connect with, to grow with, and to love. We call in these experiences to remind us of who we truly are, and what we came here for. Some of us look for partners, some of us look for soul mates, and some of us look for the “one”. Throughout it all, we choose what we want to experience by choosing who we want to be around. It has occurred to me that maybe it is meant to be the other way around. When we are conscious of what we want to experience, the type of love we wish to have and we get clear in our thoughts and actions, then we allow the universe to provide us with the people who can offer us this experience.
Connecting with others is one way to experience oneness. It reminds us that we are all parts of a whole, we all come from the same source, and we see our self in the reflection of others. If we look around at the people in our life, the ones we have chosen to let in, we can see ourselves inside our relationships. How we allow others to treat us, is directly connected with how we treat our self. In the balance of life, we struggle with remembering we are whole and complete within our self, yet deeply connected to everyone and everything. When we move into the space of oneness, a knowing that we are connected always, we free ourselves from the fear of being alone. Connecting with others is like breathing, the inhale and the exhale, the give and the take, the life force that moves through the Universe reminding us we are one. Remembering that we are one, provides opportunity to grow, to evolve, to expand, to do what we came here to do! Looking at others as a mirror allows for our own enrichment by offering us a chance to see through another perspective. Ultimately, through our interactions with others we get to experience love, reminding us that love is what it is all about!
On this search for love, it seems to me that we have forgotten to start with our self. We look to others to fill the space inside; when truly in order to experience the love we want we must remember how to feel complete and whole within our self first. It is in this wholeness that we are reminded of the capacity we have to draw to us exactly what we want, exactly who we want, and exactly how we want it. Focusing on our self, loving our self, knowing our self……>we show the world who we are and in this light we draw to us the love we deserve!


So how can we put the focus back on our self when it has not been for so long? The first place I like to start is meditating. Simply spending ten to twenty minutes twice a day changes everything for me. Once in the morning when I wake up, to start my day. I create an intention or intentions, (ex. —>today I will experience love, or today I overcome this obstacle) and I trust the they will happen with out having to know how.  I fill myself up with love and chant my mantra or whatever affirmation I am working with. Then I offer about 5 minutes up of gratitude, for it ll. To end my morning meditation I sit quiet for last 5 minutes, and allow the stillness to fill me. This is a awesome way to start your day, it lifts me and energizes me, and reminds me that I have within me everything I need. I meditate again right before I go to sleep. it is to wrap up my day. I relax and get still and go through my day, changing anything in my mind that I feel needs adjusting, I release everything that I do not need and chant my mantra or affirmation. I offer my gratitude and again sit in stillness, listening!  When  I include my meditation practice in my day, everything shifts, and I am reminded that I am worthy of love, that in order for me to experience the love I want, I must first remember to love myself.


How are some of the ways you remember to love yourself? Do you agree that in order to draw in the love we want we must first give that love to our self? I would love to hear you think, feel, believe!!


Love and light to you.....









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  1. ranya says:

    Hi, I need you plz to read tarot for me, but real one not the one like life advices take care of yourself, love yourself etc. plz give me spasific time to be available, thank you

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  2. Mae says:

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    hοme a little bit, but insteаd of that, this iѕ excellent
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  3. Louise says:

    I really agree, we are all worthy of love, I understand that you need to love yourself first... this for me I cant see happening... my friends, family, partner all know that i’m there for them when ever needed and no matter how I am feeling, im there 100%, I always put them first. this I genuinely feel is not returned by anyone I care about, its lonely sometimes though, I reckon they’ve all just come to assume I don’t need to be looked out for, i often ask myself how did i end up like this... i just don’t know, ive fallen off my chosen track about 3yrs and its more and more of me im losing... love a lot you’ve wrote lynnn, made me cry a little but loved it..

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