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The Bee and The Deliciousness of Life~

By Lynn :: :: 4 comments

Today’s card comes from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle

and it is

The Bee~


The Bee is a card of luck, hard work, and sweet victory. This card comes to call to remind us that we are on path, that the work we are doing is paying off, and we are moving in a direction of our dreams come true. The Bee is here to remind us that we are not meant to do alone. There is much help available, all we need do is ask and be open to receiving. This card also, reminds us that there are unseen forces at work to bring us to where we want to go. Trust in your path, trust in your heart and trust in the power of it All.

This is a day to remember who you are and what you are creating. You are here for a reason, there are things you want to do with this life. Stay focused on what you want and let the rest go. You may have been feeling heavy lately, I know I have. This card requires that you rise up above the heaviness , above the weight, and remember you can fly. You are a light, and infinite being, and you have the power to create anything you want. Today take a moment and reflect on your power and know that you have everything you need, EVERYTHING, to make it happen. When the doubt and fear creep in , take it as an opportunity to slow down, to calm your mind, and focus.....listen to your knows the way...the way of love.

This card too, requires that you look around at the people in your life and see what they are here for. There are some in your life that are here to help you and there are some that are here for you to help. Everyone you come in contact with has something for you as you do for them. By slowing down you can start to tune into these subtle conditions on a deeper level and find that you are connected to it all. There is beauty and power in this connection. Allow yourself to give and receive.

The Bee is also here to affirm that you are on path, that you are to keep it up and to trust that you will be kept up. There are times when it will feel like you do not know the next right thing. Again, slow down, step back and clear your mind. Look inside yourself, listen to your heart, and call on all the Angels. The answers you seek are there, you need only be still and let them come to you. There is no need to rush or force the situation. It is all unfolding perfectly for your highest good. Trust in it all!

The last aspect of this card today is the power of the universe, the divine love that threads the fabric of us all. There is no greater power and this power is a part of you, it lives inside of you, it breathes you. Trust with all that you are that you are held with love and that all things are happening for you. This card reminds you that with the power of manifestation there is also the power of surrender. Release control of how it must look, release control of when and where, of all it, and remember that it will and is working out better than you can even imagine...if you let it!

The Bee is here to surround you with sweet, yummy is delicious drink it in!

Today’s Mediation:

Find a comfortable place and relax. Spend a few moments focusing on your breath and the beating of your heart. When you are ready silently or out loud repeat the words:


(Truth, Knowing, Bliss)

Say them over and over for about 10-20 minutes....allow the vibration to come alive inside of you.

Then just be still for as long as you can. Allow the truth of who you are to rise up and get big, allow the knowing of where you come from to move with you in all you do, and allow the bliss of it all to fill you with the love you are made of.



I would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences, your questions, your feedback. I send you all mucho love and light!




4 jewels of fabulous feedback ... click here to add yours

  1. aimee says:

    Hi Lynn, thanks so much for your post! Its so funny earlier I had a flash of a tarot deck made of bees and insects but particularly bees. And the other day I saw bees in my mind too. Now I stumble on this page and I feel like its meant for me!

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    • Lynn says:

      I truly believe we always get what we need when we need it! Thank you for your sweetness! Have a beeeuatiful day! love and light, Lynn xx

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  2. aishayusuf13 says:

    Hellow,my names aisha.this methods worked really great on a day like this I really needed some relaxation to clear out my head it worked like magically.thanks for putting this wonderful method.anyways while i was relaxing i closed my eyes and i was just dreaming about me being at my backyard bees close by the basketball stand on a shiny green leaf,radiant sunlight heat for the sun i turned south opposite my house i expecting to be looking at the wall that was meant to be at my yard instead it was a grey pathwayto a grey castle the sky over there was purplish pinky blueish with clouds above,and ontop of green land with a grey muscular horse,what an imagination of the other side of my town it was.and i live in the 30 melrose grove,ireland,dublin22,clondalkin!.coming to think of it what language does sat chit anada from?and did you have any dreams when you were young?

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    • Lynn says:

      Thank you sooo much for sharing!! Sat Chit Ananda is Sanskrit!! I use to be able to fly in my dreams when I was young. I have not been able to lately but I will keep trying!! Sending you love and light! Lynn xx

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