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Page of Wands

By Lynn :: :: 6 comments







 Page of Wands

When the Page of Wands appears on your path you are filled with creative energy, you feel confident, as though you can create anything, anytime, anywhere. Adventure is in the air and it reminds you that you are alive. The Page of Wands represents a faithful and loyal person who has intentions of the greatest good. This card speaks of taking chances, rolling the dice and having the courage to reach for the stars! Spread our wings, it’s time to fly!

The page of Wands is standing tall, holding her staff high, with strength and self-assurance. The world is but an illusion and the page remembers that the spirit is where pure potentiality lies. The birds flying in the distance represent your thoughts, they shape and create your reality, be mindful.  Your thoughts become things.....choose them well! This card reminds you to connect to your source, to remember where you come from, to remember that you are created in the likeness of the Divine, you are Divine and the worlds is yours to create. The Page of Wands releases the free spirit in you and requires you to follow your heart. Allow your spirit to exist without limitations, you are only bounded by that which you decide...the possibilities are limitless, if you free your spirit and let it shine. Your dreams are calling on you, it is time to open the door and walk through. There is nothing to fear, there is no such thing as failure, only the opportunity to grow and evolve!


There is a solid connection with nature and the natural rhythm of the earth when this card shows her face. Get outside and walk in the earth barefoot, ground down and allow yourself to unite with all the Mother Earth energy, connect to the Gaia and remember that we are all parts of the whole and everything and everyone is connected. Use your creative force to shine out into the world. As winter fast approaches the external light shines less calling on our inner light to grow brighter and stronger. It is a time of tuning into and turning up your inner voice, to not only allow yourself to hear it but to trust it, to follow it. It is leading you to your hearts desires; it holds all the answers you seek.

Another aspect of the Page of Wands is to remember to enjoy the process. This is a card that evokes your passion for living and loving life. Follow your knows the way.


I love getting this card, it reminds me that I am the co-creator of my life, that all things are possible and to have a blast with it all. Lately, I have taken a new perspective and this card just reinforces it. I no longer allow myself to see challenges and obstacles as problems to be solved, but as opportunities to expand and get big, bright and shine like the Goddess I am. Are you allowing your Goddess/God to shine at her/his brightest? This card is your wake up call..time to play the world what you can do, who you are and do it with flare......have fun and enjoy the ride.


I would love to hear your questions, comments, and to know how you follow your heart!!  As always I get what I need when I need it……and so do you! I am grateful the free spirit within me…>Today, I choose to live life to its fullest, to be bold, brave, and shine!!!


much love and light

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  1. Nicole says:

    It does resonate with me totally.. I am conscious being the creator of my own reality and the feeling is wonderful. Awareness of what we do and choose to be is like a wide window opened constantly.... thank you Lyn for your beautiful blog that I recieved today and yes, that is where I AM... LOVE AND LIGHT :)

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  2. Gregory Gilles says:

    Page of wands came just right timing!!!!! I just started realizing that all my problems in life
    was God trying to teach me who I am and how he communicates to me!!!!! Now finally knowing that
    when I look back on everything I have no excuse for not believing Who I am in Christ and how I am going to live in this world!!!! My enimies have made all the wrong choices for me, all the wrong way I could possible go they have done. It is so terrible & dreadful a lesson shoved in my face. None the less I prayed and wished with my heart they would have repented and turned to God his Lord Jesus Christ. I’m just now starting to live to be who God wants me to be, I fell so over joyed I am so ashamed of what little faith I have had all these years!! I have had much misfortune befall me. I had no choice but to drop out of jr high school because the evil demons did not want me there, I have been demonically harassed my entire life. I discovered in the 1st Grade that I was intellectual and I had divine wisdom my teacher admired me! It really is true you know the
    Devil does not want God in our schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to God I now see there really is life in front of me, God will not let me rest any less than with the best. We may always be what we could have been!!! There is no star we see with our eye that is ever lost it awaites us soon or late, in Jesus name amen!!!!! Merry Chrismas Lynn God has you in mind!!!!!!

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  3. Naty says:

    Wowwwwthats what my inner voice was telling me all week....... I feel it ...its very stong and even if I’m sick I KNOW I will get better and ill be able to sing and eat what I want again with no problem. Other things I’ve been asking and working for for a while seem to be coming up!!!!! Happiness flowing!!!!!! Dreams alive!!!!!!!

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  4. mvbFExQE1Qf says:

    784959 453461Respect to post author, some wonderful details . 88279

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  5. chay says:

    Thanks lynn for sharing this.
    Just two days before you shared this ,I just realize that I am the creator of my life , therefore face the consequences whatever it might bring.

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