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Falling in love with Our Self

By Lynn :: :: 5 comments


Most of us are seeking  love, that love that fills us up and makes us feel whole, complete, and perfect. However, in this search, it seems, that most of us have forgotten that this love must first be found within. Until we truly remember that we must give to ourselves that which we wish to receive from another, we find that there is always something missing.

Finding the love within is not always an easy task. We doubt our worth, we think we do not deserve love, and we think that there is not enough to go around. However, Love is all around us, it is what we are made of, it is what we come from. How then, do we move out of love and into fear?  Fear is learned, we do not have it when we come into this world. It is through our experiences and our environment that we move from a state of love to one of fear. Now is the time to return to a state of love with grace and joy.

Falling in love with our Self opens up the doors to unlimited possibilities. When we truly love our Self we raise our vibration and show others who it is we really are. We show to others what it is we are seeking not only from them but for them. We create a standard of living that shows worth, appreciation, and gratitude. It is through this that we remember we have within us everything we need. That we are in fact one with it all, and ready to receive all the beauty life has to offer. We move into a state of grace, self- awareness, and self -reverence.

So how then do we fall in love with our Self. First, give yourself time alone. Allow your Self to be quiet, still, and to go deep inside, connecting with your highest self. Listen to your heart, the vibration, the energy you are made of. It is through this stillness that you find all the love, and all the answers you seek to walk your path, to remember who you Infinite Divine Being! Your are truly spectacular, allow your light to shine bright and get big. It is through this remembrance of your essence that you start love with You!

Second, get outside, connect with nature. Allow all the beautiful Gaia to fill you, to connect you, and to ground you in the present moment! Being present keeps you in the here and now, take it all in and see the beauty of it all.

Also, remember what it is that brings you joy, what makes you happy. Do those things! Follow your heart, feel the bliss. If it feels good, do it! That is how you know you are on path. And when all this bliss starts swimming in your Self, you become alive and filled with Love. Love for you and that which you create! Remember what you are passionate about, do it, do not let fear stand in your way! This is what we need more of, passion, wholeheartedness, and love!

Spend some time everyday looking in the mirror, tell your Self how awesome you are. How there is no other just like you and you are here now to be you, at your highest, at your greatest! Then give your Self permission to shine, to be all you can be. Do it because you want to, not because you think you have to. Keep falling love with You!

love yourself

Get physical. Exercise, do yoga, move your body! It is your temple, treat it with respect and reverence. Eat healthy and take pride in who you are right now! You are perfect exactly as you are. That is not to say you should not create goals of a more healthy mind, body, spirit. It is simply reminding you that it is all part of the process and where you are today is exactly where you are for a reason...fall in love with who you are right now!

Treat your Self, take care of your Self, pamper your Self. Take a long bath, go for a walk, do it with love and tenderness. Be kind and give your Self words of encouragement. Re programming our brain to see the beauty within can take time, and practice, keep practicing. And remind your Self there is no wrong way, we make mistakes, we learn about who we are, and we grow. Sometimes this means going through the eye of the needle, let go and find the true You! Fall in are delicious!

And one more thing, have fun! Do you remember what fun is? Being playful, allowing your imagination to flourish, and laughing are some of the best things about this life. Do them often, make it all fun, because it is through this joy that we move into a scared space, and feel the Divine in it ALL!

By doing all these things, we find that we draw to us the love we were looking for and remember that it was there all along. We start attracting people into our lives that exist at the same vibration. We start creating healthy relationships, based on love, respect, and mutual appreciation. We come together to hold one another in a new light, a light that allows for growth and expansion. We see the light in others, and we allow them to see the light in our Self! Fall in Love with it ALL!

I would love to hear what you think; your experiences, thoughts, questions, comments. Please share and connect with me anytime. I am sending you much love and light!



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  1. barb says:

    I received an email from you the other day about the chariot and the timing was perfect for me where my life is right now. It was very uplifting. This blog is also appropriate. I just watched a DVD called “You Can Heal Yourself” featuring Louise Hay that echoes the same idea and I’ve been inspired to “retrain” my brain with this very idea in mind. Thank you for your bright and sunny, positive words. They are inspirational. I wanted you to know you made a difference in someone’s day

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  2. Kartik says:


    I just wanted to let you and all the other members of lotus tarot know that most of your readings have been spot on and very informative and really help boost my morale as well as brighten my mood whenever I am feeling low.

    Thanks for your inspirational and uplifting words.Hope you keep spreading the love and the knowledge.

    Take care

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  3. Judi says:

    It has been years now of reading, absorbing and learning from this wonderful site. I know that I’m living proof of having been on that long spiritual journey since childhood..that place of fear & doubts, about loving oneself, probably the hardest one of all for many. You have encapsulated so much good advice here that is truly meaningful in order for us all to move forward. I certainly found that once I learned to love & respect myself everything else just fell into place and yes I did attract so many good things into my life the moment I recognised this.. Like flicking a switch! Adventure, fun, true love and marriage followed as well as a huge sense of wanting to help others; not overnight but all in a space of time that was appropriate for my spiritual growth within my circumstances. I rarely respond to invitations to write but somehow here was a need to encourage and to give courage to others. Thank you, Judi UK

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