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2012 Archive

Ace of Swords

By Lynn on :: 23 views :: 8 comments

Ace of Swords The Ace of Swords represents great determination, initiative, power, prosperity, love, and deep emotional feeling. In all the suits, the ace embodies the essence or the roots. The sword is an air card and it fills you with courage and boldness, it reminds you of the force within and ignites your ambition. more

Six of Wands

By Lynn on :: 23 views :: 15 comments

The Six of Wands                           The Six of Wands represents triumph, advancement, and desires realized! This is a card of good news, positive energy, and change for the better. Six is a number of balance, this card represents balance restored or renewed. There more

Page of Wands

By Lynn on :: 23 views :: 6 comments

             Page of Wands When the Page of Wands appears on your path you are filled with creative energy, you feel confident, as though you can create anything, anytime, anywhere. Adventure is in the air and it reminds you that you are alive. The Page of Wands represents a faithful more

The love within….

By Lynn on :: 23 views :: 4 comments

The Love Within... On this journey through life we encounter others to connect with, to grow with, and to love. We call in these experiences to remind us of who we truly are, and what we came here for. Some of us look for partners, some of us look for soul mates, and some of more

XI Strength

By Lynn on :: 23 views :: 3 comments

XI Strength    Today’s card is the strength card! Strength represents the eternal spirit, an ability to overcome all obstacles. Usually this card shows a young maiden taming a lion. However, one of my favorite illustrations of this card depicts a very strong woman holding the world effortlessly with a smile on her face. To me more

Do you remember who you are?

By Lynn on :: 23 views :: 2 comments

Do you remember who you are? Who am I? Why am I here? Questions that have been asked since the dawn of being. Being…..what is it you are being? I have been asking myself this lately. How do we know who we truly are when we let life start moving so fast? We get so more