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The Ten of Cups: Is Love Just A Fairy Tale?

By Caroline :: :: 109 comments

The Ten of Cups is one of my most favourite cards in the Tarot deck. It’s the card that represents the ultimate romantic dream, to be with your soul mate. It’s a symbol of an enduring and blessed love, domestic bliss, joy, peace, and a family and home with our lover. This is the ultimate wish card for so many of us. It’s our heaven on earth when we wake in each other’s arms.

And who wouldn’t want it? To love and to be loved. It seems so simple. Yet finding and keeping love can be one of the most complicated journeys of our lives. Almost everyone asks me about finding “the one”. If so many of us seem to want this happy ending, true and everlasting love, why is it so complicated? For some of us, we’ve waited so long that at this point, it feels just like a whimsy, an impossible dream and like we should give up rather than continue to hope. After too many disappointments, true love just feels like a fairy tale. 

I’m not surprised. In my dating life I’ve been constantly amazed at how many people say they want a relationship or to find “the one”, but when they meet someone genuine they find every reason not to commit, to reject the other person, and to undermine the relationship. Why are we so afraid of love, and so afraid of life working out for a change? So many of us waste our time endlessly on people who don’t deserve us or simply don’t want us and reject those who do. Why?

It feels like in today’s dating world, everyone is searching and window shopping, but no one is buying. There’s an illusion of endless opportunities, prolonged youth, and an overwhelming fear and anxiety in modern life about relationships. It seems so many fear that a relationship is going to be a liability, and forget everything that it could give them. Somehow staying a bachelor seems cool to some men, like they are the lone ranger of love. What they don’t realise is that they’re just going to be alone. So many women are endlessly perfectionistic and unwilling to compromise, looking for the perfect guy and missing their diamond in the rough in the meantime.

Being a psychic or a spiritually minded person doesn’t mean I know everything or get it right in my own life all the time. But one aspect that is very cool is that I get to observe and learn from the guidance about love that comes through from people’s angels and loved ones in Spirit, their higher selves, and even Divinity as they understand it to exist.

The messages that come through above love are so consistent that I’m writing a book of the guidance that I hope will be published one day. There are many lessons, but what seems to be absolutely key is that true love exists, and finding it and keeping it is part of our spiritual journey into self-love, trust, staying open, and keeping the faith. It’s what we learn in finding the strength to dust ourselves off after another heartbreak or rejection and keep holding on. It’s learning what we need to do differently to win. My book will have all the advice, and I will blog much of it in coming days, but the best advice of all so far seems to be to find somebody who is kind to you. For those of us who do want love, let the nice guy or girl finish first for once. Simple but true: love the one who values you. If you can face down your fear of love, you might just find your Ten of Cups.

What do you think, does the fairy tale exist? I’d love to hear your views, so post up on this article in my blog, shoot me an email or come for a chat. I’m here for you when you need an intuitive perspective on your love life. All my love and a thousand blessings,

Caroline Anna

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  1. Rosetta says:

    Hey very nice blog!

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  2. Mathew says:

    Love is devotion & most people, married or not, don’t devote themselves to this type of loving relationship because they MIGHT get hurt especially men as they are quite feeble emotionally believe it or not, it takes guts to commit in this way.

    To give of one of your love is to bloom, to not have given is a sin against your true inner self....Love all Mathew

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  3. Desirae' says:

    The first time I saw my wife – in 2000 – she lived just two doors away. At that time, I was in a marriage to my, now, ex-husband – divorced in 2006. However, I knew, in that instant, that she was everything. She was what I was longing for, needed, wanted, and I was for her. I don’t know how I knew that, I just did.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of trials and tribulations... However, through everything we’ve gone through, are going through, and will go through... I was fortunate to find, recognise, and marry ‘The One’ that was meant for me. I get her, understand her, and know parts of her before she even breathes a word. As she does with me. I am a strong believer in intuition, signs, and bringing fate about.

    Well wishes of love and happiness to all ~ Desirae

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    • Desirae' says:

      People just need to follow where life leads them and stop trying to force something that may not be ready to reveal itself. I wasn’t even looking when I found ‘The One’. It may not work for everyone but it can and does work. :grin:

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  4. Gabby says:

    Hi! You made me smile. I wanted to share that I let the nice guy finish first for once. We have been together for a year and I am truly happy with my choice. We spend so much time without drama that I worry something is wrong because everything is right! Yet after a year I have finally surrendered to the truth that it is good and it was possible all this time, I just wasn’t allowing myself to live it before now.

    I believe that we write our story. We decide if it is even a fairy tale at all, and if so, we decide who we are in the story and how it ends. For me, I had to give up chasing Prince Charming. High romance, gifts and drama was exciting but I also found these kind of guys mostly fake, unfaithful, superficial and materialistic. Some are narcissists. It didn’t work for me.

    I met the right match for me when I realised I was just not a match for Prince Charming. I’m not an insipid Princess desperate to be rescued, more of a cool and interesting character like a witch! That freed me up to meet the right guy. In the past I would have let him walk by without even looking at him, because he is not Prince Charming by definition.

    We are so similar. We have so much fun and are so happy together. We have the same values. We are not royalty. I prefer the gift of his indivisible attention and care to anything a Prince Charming could give. This is my fairy tale and I hope we will be happy ever after. I live each day and treat him as if it was the last, which ensures me I will have a tomorrow with him.

    My advice to other women is to consider who you truly are and if what you have been looking for is what would really make you happy. Don’t deny who you are, and don’t deny who you really want to be with. Happiness is not the same for everybody and that is ok. Your eyes will start seeing the possible prospects clearer, and maybe later you’ll be sharing your own fairy tale.

    Thank you so much for your reading.

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    • Caroline Anna says:

      Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts Gabriela. I edited your comments but hope to have conveyed all your sentiments. Your story reminds me of Shrek and Princess Fiona! Or maybe Katie Perry in her video for ‘Wide Awake’ where she socks it to a so-called faker ‘Prince Charming’. I feel your story reflects back so well my message in my newsletter on the 10 of Cups: we find our fairy tale when we love the people who treat us right and leave the people who do not. Lots of love to you and I wish you all the best in your relationship xoxo

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  5. Caroline Anna says:

    Wonderful message received today: :-)

    I received an email today from you about a tarot card about soul mates. My feeling is that it depends on what our soul decides to experience. It can experience many lifetimes in one body if it chooses and will most likely have one lover who will live through each one of the lifetimes.

    I believe it is very rare for the same lover in the same body to live over many lifetimes in the same body. Many souls choose the many lifetimes, many bodies route and they might be here experiencing literally ONE lifetime of lessons and will most likely live through that with one beautiful lover.

    Either way, it doesnt matter. If we are here on this earth in one body for 80 years but experience thousands of years of lessons, then having many lovers for each lifetime is just as perfect as having one throughout them all. We dont hold onto love, but instead BECOME Love in the process, knowing it is something we cannot gain or lose. Sometimes we might find the diamond in the rough and watch him get polished and then move on! Sometimes we might want to experience a man who is already polished and not play the teacher role. It is simply a matter of what the soul wants to experience, dont you think?

    Well, anyway, this is my belief only and what I have observed. For me, I am single but I have lived many lifetimes with many men, always open. Ive played the dutiful wife, the other woman, the unsatisfied lover, the overly satisfied lover, the jilted lover, the one who abandoned and jilted, the contented lover who got bored, the one who was satisfied but time separated us, etc. I’ve played them all until I realized that I am Love and I express Love always, eternally, whether it be one body or many. I dont seek love or seek to express it, I simply am it. I never wasn’t it. I can’t lose it either.

    And whether I experienced the equal expression of love with a man for a day or 80 years doesnt matter. Time doesnt exist. If I expressed it and it was returned, purely, for even one minute, then I can rest and know that Love was equally expressed by both of us and we swam in the outer expression of that Inner Love we both ARE. I dont seek or claim it to be an ultimate to have a partner for 80 years or a1000 years. Because if I experience it NOW, even if it is for one day, then that is the ultimate too.

    As soon as I make something the ULTIMATE, there will be something else that will come along being the ultimate too. Claiming something to be the pinnacle creates a journey. It creates something to be out of reach. Something to be craved. Something that Im separate from! And I cannot be separate from Love or the millions of expressions of it. For me, knowing that I am Love has been a very beautiful gift. Knowing I am my own other half has also been a treasure I never thought I’d discover. Knowing that nothing of me is missing is a gem. Knowing that I am whole and have always been whole and was never lost for even a millisecond has been my saving grace.

    To know I was my own savior is something worth more than diamonds. To know I am home and always was is gold. To know that no matter what I experience, I can never be lost or in pieces or in need of my other half is Wealth ... abundant Wealth!

    Hope that resonates with your reading and you asked if we had any input and that is mine. I love reading your cards each time you send one!

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  6. ann says:

    I got this card when I asked how a certain man felt about me. What does this mean? I am in love with him but about to give up because so far it has been unrequited.

    Now I am back after a month holiday and just trying to figure out through the cards if I should look for him or not...and got this card!


    light and love

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Ann, come for a chat with me when I am online next and we will look into this situation for you together xx

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  7. Tara says:

    I think the idea of true love does exist. I knew it when I met a man when I was 20, but I was afraid and ran away from the relationship. I always thought about him and kept in touch, but was too immature to accept what was. 13 years later and too many heart breaks and tribulations, I got in touch with him again with the help of my sister. He was waiting for me and we became friends. Now, we are together again. This time, it is much better because I have grown up and now appreciate who he is and what he has to offer in a relationship.

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