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The Queen of Swords

By Caroline :: :: No comments

Need to make a decision or just get something done? Then the Queen of Swords is your lady. She wastes no time getting to the heart of matters and is a lover of what is real.

Should I stay or go? Is he “the one”? What should I do?

Her message is to approach your decision or problem like she would, being honest and smart about what is really important. Are you being true to yourself? Are you willing to see the truth about a person or a situation, even when it’s not what you wish it was? What really matters to you?

When you see situation for what it is and you know what you want, it will be clear what you need to do and what or who you might need to let go of. Decision made, problem solved. Let her energy and personality help you to be your most realistic, astute and decisive self.

When the Queen of Swords card appears in your reading, it can also represent a woman in your life: typically a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius woman over the age of 30, probably with fair or grey hair or a light complexion. She will be someone who can help you access your own wisdom and insight with her reflective nature.

I feel that I often play the role of the Queen of Swords in my work as a psychic. It’s like I am telling the conscious part of you what the unconscious part already knows. If I can give you the truth working with Tarot and it will help and heal you, then it’s always worth it.

Blessings, Caroline Anna

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