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Queen of Pentacles ~ Nurturing

By Caroline :: :: 5 comments

Your card today is the Queen of Pentacles. Queens, like other court cards, can be taken as actual people or they can represent inner parts of your personality.

LindmaraTarotQueenPentaclessmThe Queen of Pentacles symbolizes nurturing, prosperity and fertility. If she is a person in your life, this Queen is usually a woman born under an Earth sign such as Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn and you will likely recognise her as a wife, mother or a supportive, sensible, down to earth lady. Her home is always full with children, pets, plants, family and friends.

This Queen is both a wonderful parent and has a good head for business and budgeting. She can multi-task like a pro. She will make a lovely home and she knows how to nurture a family with healthy home-cooked meals and all the domestic delights. When you feel down or unwell, the Queen of Pentacles will make you feel much better.

She is hearth, home, motherhood and a kind and generous soul. As a result of her connection to the element of Earth, she loves gardening and the outdoors, in fact, her continued happiness relies on maintaining her connection with Mother Nature. She is very conscious of her physical health and she favours the more natural methods of healing the body. She loves herbal and holistic remedies. Of course, a nice glass of wine or other treat never goes amiss either.

Perhaps you know someone like her and this card comes as a message that she is close by you and important right now. Or perhaps the message is it that you will you become more like her? If this person does not represent an actual person, then this card invites you to consider and perhaps heal the Queen of Pentacles aspect of your own personality. Psychologists call this aspect of ourselves, the ‘inner parent’.2122502055_4542b1b9ca

The inner parent is the aspect of us that takes care of ourselves. Are you a good mother to yourself? Are you taking good enough care of yourself right now? Do you nurture yourself with healthy food, good rest, exercise? Do you set healthy boundaries? How do you talk to yourself: are you critical or kind? How do you take care of yourself financially and in relationships with others?

The spiritual message of this card is that you are worthy of the love and being nurtured and you can give these things to yourself now. You may not have had perfect role modelling from your parents, but you can still access this warmth, this energy and this love from your higher power, however you understand it: the universe, your higher self, your Creator. You deserve prosperity, love, peace, security and stability and you can have this in your life now.

Has this card helped you or come at a good time? I’d love you to share your thoughts and feelings by posting on my blog or get in touch with me for a chat. In love and blessings,

Caroline Anna

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  1. Caroline says:

    By the way, this description fits both my grandmothers perfectly. Both passed away this year and I miss them very much. Sending much love to anyone grieving a loved one. x

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  2. Reis says:

    Hi lovely Caroline,

    I’ve got this card as my personal court card on the online reading. I don’t really know what it meant as personal court card. Love the description of this card! I miss chatting with you and the book you suggested me to read , “The Vortex” was awesome! I see so many positive things in my life! You’re amazing! I love to have another read with you!

    Best regards,

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Reis :) A personal court card is the card that represents you in a card reading. Glad you loved the Vortex! See you again soon I hope xx

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  3. Rachel says:

    Hi Caroline,

    This morning as I was waking up, the Seven of Pentacles appeared to me in my mind’s eye and behind/ mixed with it was the Queen of Pentacles. I have always been able to give myself and a few others very accurate tarot readings even though I don’t commit the meanings of the cards to memory and don’t practice often. I was interested to find that these two cards speak to a dilemma I am having right now- take a job I don’t want for security, or step out and start my own business- taking a risk. Thank you for this post. I am trying to dig deeper into these two card meanings to see what they were trying to tell me. I feel a deep connection to the Queen of Pentacles, and feel it represents my mother, who is a big supporter of me, and aspects of myself as well- I think she is telling me to take care of myself a little bit and perhaps indulge my desire to take a risk I believe in that stokes my creative passions!

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Rachel, really glad this card interpretation was helpful xxx

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