Entertainment Only

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Should psychics have to say their services are for entertainment only? This is a hot topic of debate in many circles.

I think that we should honour and respect all belief systems, and treat one another with kindness and generosity.

Religious freedom is also law in many places so many of us are free to believe what we want without having to limit or censor ourselves.

However, I believe that any service that is provided by a psychic in exchange for money should absolutely be billed as ‘entertainment only’.

I’m genuine and heartfelt in my beliefs, but I can’t prove them to be absolutely true, so I don’t make any direct or indirect claims about the service that I offer.

I just let you as the client make up your own mind. After all, you’re free to believe what you wish!


Tarot Meditation Step By Step

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Meditating on Tarot cards is a quick and easy way to learn to read the cards intuitively for yourself. First, get into a comfortable space and calm yourself. Perhaps sit outside in a garden on on a comfortable chair. When you feel comfortable, you might like to take a few deep breaths or visualise yourself surrounded by more

Predicting The Future

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Time is a flexible and dynamic construct. Some quantum physicists question whether it even really exists at the most fundamental level of physical reality. I believe that everything is happening now, just in parallel, and this could be what makes precognition possible.

Tarot For Decision Making

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Tarot is exceptionally good for helping you make decisions because it can show you the likely outcome of your choices. Here are some tips to guide you in making your next big decision.

How To Trust Your Intuition

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So how do you learn to trust your intuition? They key is to trust yourself. Your first intuitive hit is mostly likely right, so don’t second guess yourself. Give yourself more credit. This is how you begin a trusting relationship with yourself.

Happy New Year!

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Wishing everyone a happy and magical 2014!

Forgiveness in Tarot

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One of the many themes of the Judgement card in Tarot is forgiveness. It speaks as to how to transcend suffering by the law of forgiveness. Here are some steps to forgive and attract more positivity to your life…..

You Should Have Known!

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Do people expect you to read their minds? ‘You should have known I was upset’; ‘You should have known to call me’; ‘I didn’t have to tell you because I sent you a psychic message’.

Tarot Divination

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The problem with divination on it’s own is that it can encourage some people to feel powerless and not to take responsibility for their lives. ‘I’ll never have children because the Tarot lady said so’. ‘Sorry I cheated on you but I’m an Aries’. The good news is that Tarot offers more than divination and I can help you see it.

Why Work With Tarot?

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Many people understand the Tarot as a tool for divination but what they often don’t realise is that the Tarot is also a book of the collected spiritual wisdom that has been passed down throughout the ages.