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Tarot As A Gift

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Have you ever heard that Tarot cards must be given to you as a gift? This is a lovely practice. It’s nice to receive cards from another reader because it gives your cards a special significance and you might feel them with you when you read the cards.

This tradition of giving and receiving cards started a long time ago. In times past it was difficult to obtain Tarot cards. In many places it was against the law to read Tarot and printing cards was expensive. In those days the way to acquire a deck of cards was to hope somebody would pass their cards onto you in secret.

The good news is that Tarot is welcomed now. There are thousands of different Tarot decks easily available online and in local stores. So don’t stress if you don’t have anyone to give you cards. It’s not longer necessary. You can get your own cards so easily now and the old reasons for gifting cards no longer apply.

It’s always nice to receive a gift but it really is okay for you to just buy your own deck now as well. If anything the cards will be energetically clean and all your own, which is also very nice. Consider it a gift to yourself!

Lots of love, Caroline Anna


The Mood Of A Card Reading

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When you draw a card spread for yourself or another person, whether using our online readings or your own cards at home, it’s always a good idea to establish the overall theme of the reading before interpreting the individual cards. This will really help you get the most of your readings.

What is Your Inspiration?

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When you see the Ace of Wands, ask yourself, what inspires you? We all have things that inspire us and those things might change at different stages in our lives. Only one thing is certain – we need inspiration. It’s key to our happiness. When we are inspired, we are “in spirit” and we feel excited and empowered to make our dreams reality.

The Secret To A Successful Card Reading

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Have you ever wondered what the secret is to having a really useful and positive card reading? The key to getting the best answers is in asking the right questions.

When To Use Major and Minor Card Spreads

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes tarot readers split the deck into the major and minor cards when doing readings? Did you ever wonder why?

How To Remember Card Meanings Intuitively

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Learning to read tarot cards intuitively is a great way to get in touch with your cards. Let me show you how.

How To Remember Card Meanings Consciously

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When you first start learning tarot you will find a wide range of possible meanings for each card. Every book or website you check has a different interpretation, and there are so many associated keywords. Here’s how to remember them all!

Does Fear Stop You Following Your Intuition?

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Should you feel the fear and do it anyway? Or is your gut telling you to stop right now? Let me show you how to listen to your intuition when you feel fearful or stressed about something in your life.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Entertainment Only

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Should psychics, astrologers and tarot readers have to say their services are for entertainment only? There is a heated debate on this topic in recent years.