Happy New Year!

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Wishing everyone a happy and magical 2014!


Forgiveness in Tarot

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One of the many themes of the Judgement card in Tarot is forgiveness. It speaks as to how to transcend suffering by the law of forgiveness. Here are some steps to forgive and attract more positivity to your life…..

You Should Have Known!

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Do people expect you to read their minds? ‘You should have known I was upset’; ‘You should have known to call me’; ‘I didn’t have to tell you because I sent you a psychic message’.

Tarot Divination

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The problem with divination on it’s own is that it can encourage some people to feel powerless and not to take responsibility for their lives. ‘I’ll never have children because the Tarot lady said so’. ‘Sorry I cheated on you but I’m an Aries’. The good news is that Tarot offers more than divination and I can help you see it.

Why Work With Tarot?

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Many people understand the Tarot as a tool for divination but what they often don’t realise is that the Tarot is also a book of the collected spiritual wisdom that has been passed down throughout the ages.

Life Sparkles When You Believe in Magic

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And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. ~ Roald Dahl

Balance Your Energy

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We all each have a blend of masculine and feminine energies. We function best as people and a society when we are in balance and harmony, and this includes in our masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Masculine energy includes action, logic, reason, leadership, assertiveness, survival and a focus on the concrete and material. The more

Bring Your Good Back

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It’s easy to get into the habit of just doing, doing, doing. It’s easy to lose sight of your mission and your dreams when you are busy doing. And it’s easy to forget what is really important. But it’s also easier than you think to make it things awesome again.

What Makes A Good Reading?

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Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve had a good reading. Here is what to look for: Your reader is really lovely to you and puts you at ease. If you’re working with someone who is genuinely caring, sensitive and compassionate, you have found a good reader. Your reader is able to demonstrate a genuine connection more

Can You Have A Genuine Reading Online?

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Sometimes people ask me, “is it really possible to have a genuine reading over the internet”? It’s a really interesting question and the answer might surprise you.