How To Use Playing Cards As A Tarot Deck

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You can still read cards even when you don’t have a Tarot deck. All you need is an ordinary deck of cards. Here’s how:

First, the suits of regular playing cards and the minor arcana correspond as follows:

  • Clubs – Wands – Creativity
  • Hearts – Cups – Emotions
  • Diamonds – Pentacles – Finances
  • Spades – Swords – Thought

Second, the numerology of the cards is basically the same:

  • Ace – a new beginning
  • 2 – duality
  • 3 – growth
  • 4 – structure
  • 5 – instability
  • 6 – balance
  • 7 – struggle
  • 8 – success
  • 9 – completion
  • 10 – end of a cycle

Third, the King and Queen court cards are the same as Tarot, and you choose whether the Jack will represent a Knight of Page for you.

As usual the court cards can represent actual people, you, or the qualities of the character so the Queen of Hearts could mean compassion.

I like to use the Joker card as a Magician or Fool but sometimes people like the Joker to represent themselves! It’s up to you entirely :)

All that is really missing when you read regular playing cards is the Major Arcana cards from Tarot. However this is not really a problem because all the concepts of the major arcana are also reflected in the minor arcana.

Have fun reading your playing cards! :)


Two of Cups ~ New Relationship

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Your card today is the Two of Cups. This is a great card to receive. It signifies two people coming together. A new relationship may begin or an existing relationship may be reconciled. This is the start of something beautiful!

The Origins of Tarot – Part 2

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Cards became popular in Europe during the renaissance of the 12th century. Some people just used cards for trick taking games and gambling, but some also knew the cards had a spiritual quality and could be used to pass on knowledge and share wisdom. Cards were perfect because the ideas were communicated by their images and symbolism, and so could be understood even if you could not read or write.

Ace of Cups ~ Birth of Love

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Your card today is the Ace of Cups. This is an exciting card! When you see it in a reading, it means that new love is coming into your life. You are about to go through a journey of the realm of your heart.

The Origins of Tarot – Part 1

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Ever wonder about the origins of the Tarot? The Mamlûk cards are some of the first cards introduced to Europe. These cards were from medieval Egypt and you can still see their influence on modern Tarot today.

Tarot As A Gift

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Have you ever heard that Tarot cards must be given to you as a gift? This is a lovely practice and an old tradition. But is it necessary?

The Mood Of A Card Reading

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When you draw a card spread for yourself or another person, whether using our online readings or your own cards at home, it’s always a good idea to establish the overall theme of the reading before interpreting the individual cards. This will really help you get the most of your readings.

What is Your Inspiration?

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When you see the Ace of Wands, ask yourself, what inspires you? We all have things that inspire us and those things might change at different stages in our lives. Only one thing is certain – we need inspiration. It’s key to our happiness. When we are inspired, we are “in spirit” and we feel excited and empowered to make our dreams reality.

The Secret To A Successful Card Reading

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Have you ever wondered what the secret is to having a really useful and positive card reading? The key to getting the best answers is in asking the right questions.

When To Use Major and Minor Card Spreads

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes tarot readers split the deck into the major and minor cards when doing readings? Did you ever wonder why?