How To Remember Card Meanings Intuitively

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Last week I wrote about how to consciously memorise the card meanings and create personal associations with the cards. This will help you to read the tarot using your memory, recall and personal experience.

Using your intuition is also a very important way to remember the cards. This is because it will take many years to learn all the meanings and you will want to read the cards in the meantime, and you will need to use your intuition to choose which of all the many possible card meanings actually makes the most sense in the reading.

With practice, you will find that the cards are naturally triggers for your intuition, prompting your unconscious mind to reveal insights and answers. You can also encourage this natural intuitive flow by meditating on the cards. Just find a quiet moment in your day, and allow your mind to dwell quietly on the image of each card and everything it seems to represent.

Use the archetypes, figures, pictures, or pattern of symbols on the card as a starting point, and let your imagination to wander. Imagine yourself describing the card to another person. What is going on? How do the figures seem to feel in this situation? What is the atmosphere of the card? What does it remind you of? How do you feel? Be open to wild ideas, associations and whatever comes up.

After a short while, you may find that each card calls up consistent, personal images for you, in addition to those you have memorised. These personal images are your own intuitive insights. This will help you to feel ‘in touch’ with your cards. You may also find that your own interpretations, feelings and insights are consistent with the keywords you find for the cards in tarot books and on tarot websites :)

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Happy Valentines Day!

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Happy New Year!

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