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Page of Pentacles ~ Dreams into Reality

By Caroline :: :: 4 comments

Your card for today is the Page of Pentacles. In Tarot, the Pages are known as the messengers and the suit of Pentacles represents the real world. When this card appears in your reading, you may soon receive important news that affects your daily life in some material way.


Usually, the news is good! The Page of Pentacles is a positive card for you to receive because it represents new opportunities to create prosperity, love, abundance and security. This is the card of manifesting dreams into reality in the material world. It is your potential that can be made real, if you are ready act and willing to allow it.

The key is that you must be in alignment with what you want in order for it to manifest. We create our lives commensurate with our commitment to what we ask for happening. Maybe you need to take some positive action steps, or maybe you just need to really become willing to receive what you want. As the old saying goes, if you want to win the lottery, you gotta buy a ticket.

If you want love, are you really ready for it? Are you open to love? If you want to succeed at work, are you meeting your commitments? Are you giving it your  best? If you want good grades, are you studying enough? If you want a baby, are you taking the best care of your health? If you are sabotaging yourself in some way, now is the time to change and act on your dreams.

So what are you afraid of? What would happen if you had your dream? Do you find that you get in your own way sometimes? How have you dealt with it? I’d love you to post your comments here to share with other readers. If you feel you need help with manifesting your dreams, come and talk to me. I can help you.

Love, Caroline Anna


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  1. Kate says:

    Dear Caroline,

    I like this is true we are our own worst enemy when it comes to the things we want....
    sometimes we want them so bad that we do everything in our power to stop us from getting it....
    sometimes we are so caught up in our own routine to even think of something different....
    sometimes we are just to lazy to even try....

    Sadly, I have been the victim of all three...but knowing ...helps me see past the obstacles ....and keep my eye on the prize.....


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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Kate, you are so welcome. I’m glad that you like the card. You will get what you want and get past these blocks, because you recognise them xxx

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  2. jordan says:

    Hi! Thanks for this card. I feel like this card is just for me. I am starting over with my son’s father and we are trying to have another baby. I’m hoping that I am pregnant this time. I was scared but now I see that anything is possible! Thank you!

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