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Nine of Cups ~ Wishes Granted

By Caroline :: :: 52 comments

Congratulations, you’ve just received one of the best cards in the Minor Arcana! This is the ‘wish granted’ or the ‘genie in a bottle’ card in my deck. This is the card that almost everyone hopes to receive in a reading because it is so favourable and fortunate. It signifies the fulfilment of your wish or desire. Consider your wish granted!

9 cups ic

Your hopes may be realised and you may well get what you have longed for... finally.. because something you have tended and nurtured for so long is soon come to fruition. Whatever your heart’s desire, it may well be yours in the coming future.

This is a time of abundance and bliss so your world may soon be filled with hope. You will likely have a renewed sense of being helped by the universe as you move closer towards your dreams.

There may also be more than one blessing, as blessings (like wishes and curses) tend to come in threes. Satisfaction, happiness and well-being are indicated, along with celebrations for you. If you like champagne, maybe pour yourself a glass to toast your good fortune.

Just be careful, because the Nine of Cups grants your wishes just like a genie in a bottle and unfortunately, it’s seldom straightforward. In folk tales, genies or ‘djinn’ are imprisoned in a vessel and must grant three wishes to whomever liberates them, after which they are free. Often the wishes granted in these fables backfire, working too well, or not at all how the wisher had hoped.

In most tales, the first wish is usually successful but the next two are not, and the wisher finds themselves in increasing trouble as a result of their wishes. Usually the person’s final wish is to undo the first two! As the djinn themselves warn, every wish has a consequence. So be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. ;)

Do these fables mean that you should give up on your dreams? No. It just means that it’s always best to consider why you really want something so that you ask for what is truly right for you. If you wish for a million dollars, why? Is it because deep down, you hope that money will give you freedom? Then ask for the freedom, not for the money.

If you just wish for money, then you might have to work very hard to earn it, and as a consequence you may not end up feeling very free at all. The less conditions you place on exactly how the universe can grant your wishes, the better. This way you will get what you really want, not a poor substitute, and this will help you get out of your own way long enough to let your dreams become reality.

What were you wishing for when you received this card? What or who are you hoping for? Is this right and healthy for you? What is it that you truly want deep down? If you need help, come and talk with me, and I will help you to get what you truly want.

If you’re sure that you want your wish granted, post it on the Nine of Cups in my blog to help it come true. This is the time for positive affirmation and visualisation and putting your wish in writing can really help. Trust yourself and dream big. Be encouraged, life is certainly looking good for you right now!

Here are some affirmations to help you connect with the Nine of Cups energy:

I manifest what I want by visualising clearly and precisely. 

I am worthy of love and abundance.

I am open and receptive to all the good and blessings in the Universe.

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  1. ccbmail says:

    I wish to be happy, and content; to live a full and giving life with a passionate (and rich) soul mate.

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  2. ccbmail says:

    I wish for both of my brothers to have the happiness, healthiness, and peace of mind that they deserve.

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  3. ccbmail says:

    I wish for my mother’s health to improve, for her depression to be relieved, and for her to be happy and at peace.

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  4. dragonsmoon says:

    I wish to marry my love, move to LA and be properous

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  5. nickikris says:

    My wish is to achieve industry accolades from my peers in the music industry and financial rewards within the coming year.

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  6. aurassaya86 says:

    I wish to be a success women in the world of fashion industry which got a good reputation in the pubilc and also move back to live and work in fashion area in London again. (I know my wish its too big but if your card ask me a wish , I hope this wish it will come true ).

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  7. fantasia68 says:

    I wish to be approved for funding for my dog grooming van. Would be an absolute dream come true for me, and for others. Fingers crossed. :lol: :grin: :lol:

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  8. fantasia68 says:

    I wish my partner would propose to marry. Wow that would be amazing!! It would make me the happiest person ever :lol: :lol: :lol:

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