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Light Energy ~ Leo

By Caroline :: :: 2 comments

The month of Leo starts tomorrow. This month is ruled by the sun, the beautiful star that shares its light and warms all humanity. As such July is often considered to be a time of powerful light energy and polarity. Polarity refers to opposites. This is because when we think about light, we also of course have to consider the darkness where there is no light.

This polarity can be seen in our daily lives, be it the cycle from day to night, or just how life is constantly changing with it’s ups and downs. Another example of July’s powerful light polarity is how right now the Northern Hemisphere is in high Summer, and the Southern Hemisphere is currently deep in Winter. Both light and the absence of light can be healthy when it’s part of the natural flow of things and balanced, but when we’re out of synch, we may need to make changes.

What this means for you is that this month there will be huge potential for positive change. You will have the opportunity to bring more balance, positivity and light into your life. You may experience the cosmic energy of this month manifest as a kind of internal pressure within you to be bold and strong, just like a lion, and finally resolve an issue in your life, leading to lasting changes and improvements.

In the month of Leo, we must try to recognize the opportunities that come to unlock the doors of transformation and inspiration. We can choose to become more spiritually aligned and be better people. This is the power of walking a spiritual path. The closer we get to the light, the more beautiful and whole the everything becomes, including ourselves. Remember that under pressure, coal becomes a diamond. How will you transform?

Love, Caroline Anna

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  1. Carina says:

    Love the pictures on this blog x

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  2. summBenIlzs says:

    Really happy to find this site. Saved to favourites x

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