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New Beginnings

By Caroline :: :: 6 comments

Hi everyone. What is really exciting about today is the number of people who have contacted me for a reading wanting to talk about fresh starts and new beginnings.

It seems like everyone who has come to consult me today has been moving into a new phase and time in their lives. Sometimes this can be a very powerful and positive thing if we are leaving behind a period of uncertainty and pain. Transition itself is not always easy, but change is a part of life and can be a gift that ushers in sweeping new positive changes.

If you feel like you are going through a time of transition and change, what I’m excited to tell you is what I have been telling everyone who called me today. You are completely in-tuned with the earth and the natural order of our universe!

The ancients, before the Christian era, used to celebrate the 31st of October as the end of the year and the 1st of November was traditionally regarded as the start of the New Year. This timing is more in keeping the natural passage of the seasons than our current calendar year and was previously observed by many cultures around the world, such as the Celts who called this time of year Samhain (New Year).

So your change and transition at this time is part of the wider natural order, the regular shifts in our universe and on our earth. You are just more in-tuned so you realise it and feel the shift. Embrace your fresh start! It’s here for a reason.

Love and blessings,

Caroline Anna xx

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  1. yasmin says:

    Thank you :)

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  2. Milene Wentacem says:

    Thanks again for your kind words and the messages you send. Love you

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  3. Tarot Card Reading says:

    You have done really very well. Your website is an achievement and you can see your talent. Many many thanks for sharing such as very useful information for all visitors.

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  4. Simbongile says:

    I’m always positive and hope that things will financially change. I have got so much I want to do and I believe Im different – I sense stuff that is sensed by those who sense for a living traditionaly. Reading this piece you wrote I ask myself when are new beginnings coming. I feel as if something big is going to happen all the time which involves me that is. At 21 still nothing has happened. I guess happiness has got a mind of its own.

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    • Mathew says:

      The BIG change involves all of us personally, patience is a virtue to be practiced not pushed as lessons need to be learnt. I’m 48 years old & I have been feeling this change since I was in my mid teens & haven’t I learnt a few lessons in that time but boy I’m the wiser for it .
      You make your own happiness like I have, try to pick up on just positive vibes & try to understand the negative ones by accepting them as needing your help & empathy not counteractive bad vibes from you as this will rebound back on you & we don’t want that do we.….. Love Mathew :smile:

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  5. Caroline Anna says:

    Thank you all and wishing you a happy holiday season. The new year is just about here! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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