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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

By Caroline :: :: 7 comments

We all get in bad moods from time to time, and sometimes we feel bad for longer than we would like. At times like that, feeling happy can seem impossible. We’re all entitled to a pity party from time to time. Falling into a bad mood when things happen around us that we don’t like is human nature. Being human, this happens to me sometimes too.

The good news is that our thoughts create our feelings. Thoughts happen first and then feelings follow. And, we always have a choice as to what we are thinking. Whether you’re sick of your job, feeling stuck, being brought down by those around you, or feeling blue any other number of reasons, feeling miserable is actually a choice.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Change your thoughts, change your life”? It really is true and I am often reminding myself of this fact. So, the answer to snapping out of a bad mood is to change our thoughts. But how are we really supposed to do that, often it can feel like thoughts and feelings just happen to us?

It is actually our beliefs that create our thoughts, and consequently our feelings. This is the process by which feelings are created in people, and I see all the time in my psychic reading and healing practice. Here’s a classic example: a girl believes she is ugly, then she thinks she looks fat in everything despite actually being size zero, and then feels horrible about herself.

It’s not always easy to change beliefs, but it is possible, especially when working with a good therapist or healer. You can also help yourself greatly by questioning your thoughts. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, ask yourself: Is this really true? We are often mistaken more than we might realise!

You can also help yourself by considering your surroundings. People are often deeply affected by their surroundings and some people, especially very sensitive and psychic people, tend to take on the beliefs of the people around them without realising. This is why it can feel like we don’t have control over our thoughts and feelings, or some people can make us feel so negative or act out of character when around them.

This is why I love working from home and I keep my office looking really lovely, clean and peaceful. It’s a very private, creative and inspired space, and that energy is what brings out the best in me. I try to only spend my time with people who lift me up and treat me well. Life is just too short for unhappiness. I also choose to believe that I can be impervious to other people’s negativity or judgement.

It always really benefits people to consider their thoughts and what they really believe. I always say to them – if there are people in your life that drag you down, spend less time with them. If you work in a job you loathe, get out of there. If you watch the news everyday, maybe take a break? The news is flooded with negative stuff! You get the idea.

You are on the right track. Just keeping making decisions to surround yourself with positive people and energising surroundings. You know that these things will provide you with a positive foundation and lift you up again. When you’re making daily decisions to be aligned with who you really are, you are going to be feeling much better faster.

In love and gratitude, Caroline Anna


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  1. abhilasha rawat says:

    This article is so positive. I do often feel that whenever I am happy things do turn out positively.

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  2. Karen Pilat says:

    Thank You! I was having a low very blue day. This has helped me up :)

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  3. Terri Crowe Lamica says:

    Amazing stuff. I have been recently re-visiting this theme in my job setting, in particular, being brought down by others on the job. I realize that others are a mirror for me. I am deeply grateful for the reminder. I need to check my spiritual attitude and work on it. Looking at others as mirrors to my own energy vibration is helping me to grow and accept.

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  4. sunflower888 says:

    Hi, I’m new here. It’s a good concept but how do you deal with things when someone else’s actions impact upon you in a negative way?

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    • Caroline says:

      Good question, thanks for posting Sam. I think that the first place to start would be considering your thoughts and your perspective about that person and their actions. Perhaps it’s a good thing for someone to stress you out, because you may be learning or benefiting from the situation in some way. Perhaps you’re learning about boundaries or maybe you need some extra motivation to move onto a better situation? There are many possibilities. The key is that you get to decide how you interpret anything that happens and thus how you feel in any given moment. You really don’t have to let people get to you. Hugs.

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