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Can You Have A Genuine Reading Online?

By Caroline :: :: 4 comments

Sometimes people ask me, “is it really possible to have a genuine reading over the internet“? It’s a really interesting question and the answer might surprise you.

Yes, it is possible, and in fact, it’s better.

Why? Because when you have a reading in person, you never really know if that person is using cold reading. This is when someone tries to guess about you based on how you look and sound. This way they pretend to know more than they really do.

When you have a reading online, your reader cannot see or hear you in person. All the reader usually has is a few words you’ve typed on the screen which reveal nothing. They can only use their intuitive abilities and focus on the energies to read for you.

This is really good because you get the reassurance that you are experiencing a genuine intuitive reading – and not just someone making some good guesses based on how you look or present yourself.

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Love and blessings, Caroline Anna


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  1. vincewalker says:

    Ok, so a while back I had a strong intuition to change myself and the way I had become as a person. I had been going through some tough things and was becoming very stressed working through these obstacles. Something happened one night, while i was sleeping, and once I woke I felt no stress and had been given, or told, or something that everything was going to be fine, in fact more than fine. I am not an addict or do not have an addictive personality, but I have been being pushed internally to do something that is completely out of the norm for me. In fact embarrassing! I have still felt that I am on the right track but have had a hard time letting things happen and keeping myself open. I often ask for signs, so that I do not feel like I have become crazy, and without a doubt they show up, BOLDY! Can I get a reading from you, cause today is one of those times, when I’m having to overcome some inter turmoil?

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    • Caroline says:

      Hi Vince, thank you for your message. I would love to help you with a reading. Please come for a chat when you next see me online or make an appointment via my online calendar. Thanks again Vince and see you soon.

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  2. vincewalker says:

    The free reading I just did on your website was completely aligned with what I have felt and what I have been being pushed to know is going to happen. Can you help with some sort of backing of this?

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    • Caroline says:

      Yes I would love to. Please come for a live reading. See you soon!

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