The Star
The Major Arcana

The Star

Have you ever experienced the joy of staring into a clear night sky, awestruck by the incredible sight of a zillion sparkling stars?

What about the thrill of seeing a shooting star, for a fleeting moment, burning so brightly, then ... gone? Do you get the same buzz I do?

Gazing at a star-studded night sky is a truly beautiful and hypnotic experience, evoking a wonderful mix of emotions.

There is a magic and wonder about the stars and many of us are familiar with the phrase 'wish upon a star'.

What would you wish for right now? If you were to wish for it, would you believe it could ever come true?

I wanted to share with you the magic I have experienced by focusing on The Star card when it has come up in my readings.

Wishing upon a star is at the heart of The Star card's meaning. It is a card of optimism, hope and unexpected gifts. When this magical card comes up in a reading for you it heralds a time of more positive opportunities and happy outcomes.

This card is welcome almost anywhere in a reading as it is a good indication that your wishes will be fulfilled, though sometimes not always as you would expect, and this card can bring one or more unexpected gifts your way.

When it appears it can mean you are being too negative or pessimistic, and it encourages you to have more hope and optimism in your heart and mind, which is why I asked the question earlier 'if you did make a wish, would you believe it could come true?'

The Star card has been a frequent feature in my readings for most of the last year and I know why: because I have received so many unexpected surprises and gifts, not just in money and material things, but also friendships and love.

If you haven't taken much notice of this card before, look out for it now, and when it comes up, make your wish! Remember, a wish made with hope and belief can bring so much more power and magic to it.