The Devil
The Major Arcana

The Devil

What sort of emotional response and thoughts do words like temptation, intoxication, addiction and lust evoke in you?

Does the thought of a certain person evoke lust and excitement? Are you addicted to something and try as you may, you simply can't bring yourself to give it up? When someone makes your heart beat faster or a favorite pastime makes you feel high, it can be tremendously difficult to resist.

Yes, we are talking about The Devil card and all the temptation it can represent. This card is not entirely bad, although it does mainly represent destructive forces and unhealthy attachments.

On a positive note, The Devil can represent strong and unbreakable bonds, so when it appears in a reading concerning a love relationship, surrounded by positive cards, it can be a good sign for marriage or a serious commitment.

However, that is about the only positive aspect of the card in my opinion!

Usually when The Devil card shows up in any of your readings you need to question your motives. The card represents addictions of all sorts, and seeking pleasure and physical satisfaction even when you know or suspect the experience may prove destructive for you.

Many of my clients have asked for guidance from the cards when tormented by an addictive and destructive relationship. Most of the time we know when something is bad for us, don't we? Yet it doesn't make giving the pleasure up any easier, does it?

When The Devil appears in your reading, stop and ask yourself whether you feel in control, whether the emotions and sensations you have concerning a particular person or issue are positive and nurturing or negative and destructive.

If you choose to ignore the warning The Devil card represents, then you must accept the consequences of indulging in relationships or pastimes that are unhealthy or destructive.

Perhaps you truly desire love, marriage and your own child, yet you continue to have an affair with a married person who won't commit to you. Or perhaps you spend money you can't afford on shopping or indulge in partying too much, which is causing financial and health problems.

Whatever 'addiction' The Devil card may represent for you, try to recognize it for what it is and accept the consequences of your actions should you choose to continue with it or give it up.

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