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Like many women I often dreamt of how wonderful it would be if I could leave my job and do something much more exciting and rewarding, but as most of us do, I found too many excuses not to.

Despite the fact I was frustrated and unfulfilled in my job, I simply could not find the courage to leave. Thoughts of 'stable income' and 'security' always convinced me to stay, yet my heart yearned to be free of the monotony.

Then inspiration came in October 2000 in the form of a fund-raising trip for The Children's Society to Macchu Pichu in Peru. The sense of freedom and excitement I felt on that trip gave me the motivation and courage to hand in my notice on my return to work. I have never looked back or regretted that decision.

I believed that if I had the self-confidence to ask for a higher daily rate for my work as a franchise development consultant, I would be able to work part-time on a freelance basis, and gain much more freedom with my time.

It was liberating to experience the freedom of working for myself, and I found great satisfaction knowing that I had proved to myself that having the courage to follow your dreams can pay off.

Early in 2001 I decided to take a course in Tarot reading, as this form of divination had brought me comfort and reassurance for many years and I felt a natural affinity with the cards.

Esoteric and philosophical subjects have always held an interest for me, and as friends and associates often sought me out as some kind of 'agony aunt', becoming a Tarot reader seemed a natural progression. As soon as I picked up my first Tarot deck, I felt that I already knew the cards, and their messages seemed clear and obvious.

Then I experienced the magic of synchronicity; where the universe conspires to create events and opportunities in your favour (most of us call this phenomenon coincidence!) A chance phone call, led to a chance meeting, which led to a happy and successful partnership, which in turn created

The last 12 months of my life have felt like a dream come true. I always wanted to focus more on my spiritual and esoteric work, but could never see how I could make it financially if I did. Lotus Tarot has provided the answer, and whilst I won't be ordering that new Mercedes just yet!, I can now focus on my life work, what I love and what brings me fulfilment and fills my life with passion - using my gift with the Tarot to help and empower others.

There are so many women I know personally who are clever, talented and truly amazing. Some, like me, found the courage to follow their dreams, but many alas have not.

It's understandable; it takes a degree of daring, determination and confidence to venture from the familiarity of our established lives and step out into the unknown, but taking that risk often brings amazing opportunities and people into your life.

Once you get a taste for letting go and embracing the adventure, life will never be the same again. Dare to dream - dare to live.

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