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Manipulating your life with Thought

The subconscious works in correlation to those thoughts created and contained in the conscious whether they are genuine perceptions of reality or a reaction of our ego desire, expectation or imagination. Regardless, the subconscious will work in effect of this whether our thoughts are real or an illusion, like a computer program. The subconscious does not question, does not require reason or analysis, it just acts!

With this conclusion, when giving free tarot readings or receiving a tarot reading we must be able to distinguish the truth from the illusion or fantasy. If reading for a person you should try to attune yourself to their vibration in order to determine their vibration in order to determine their own state of mind, nerves and awareness. When receiving a reading it is important not to reprogram your thoughts according to what you have taken from this reading as you are then inviting your subconscious to react to these thoughts which then leads to you acting physically according to this, this recreating the events on your own accord.

"Men are not the creatures of circumstance; circumstances are the creatures of men!" This fact can be both equally productive and destructive, depending on the nature of your desire. I am not undermining this ability we have as we are, of course, the master of our own destiny, but it is important to maintain your focus on your life and to remain neutral after having a reading. This would then prevent you recreating the events in your life out of your own will to do so.

Eventually, they may turn to work adversely as anything we act upon out of sheer desire that is not meant to be for us would be negative in order for us to find our way back to the path of which we are suppose to be on.

© Ashleigh Stewart

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